March 30, 12:45 AM

In order to experience Bacchanal correctly, we must adhere to community guidelines that promote a healthy and safe environment.


March 30, 3:05 AM

Though students have complained that Columbia’s Office of Global Programs Fellowships Office was understaffed and overworked, Associate Dean of Global Education and Fellowships Scott Carpenter says the office is not looking to hire new fellowships staff.

March 30, 3:28 AM

Marc Heinrich, CC ’16, and Sean Ryan, CC ’17, are running unopposed to fill the two empty Columbia College seats in the University Senate.

March 30, 2:16 AM

This year’s election for the executive board of Columbia College Student Council has attracted three diverse parties.

March 30, 11:55 AM

Bacchanal, sexual assault, and council transparency were all discussed at the council election debates.

Arts & Entertainment

March 23, 12:52 AM

The Bacchanal executive board will make final decisions this week about how to refund all tickets and whether to comply with a March 12 resolution from ABC to redistribute the 4,000 tickets sold to...

March 12, 9:29 PM

After Bacchanal announced it would not sell any more tickets to the sold-out April 4 concert, ABC and student council leaders have agreed to cover Bacchanal ticket refunds under conditions. ...

February 26, 1:15 AM

Morgenstern’s Finest Ice Cream’s "Brutal Breakfast" menu is surprisingly light and refreshing.

March 10, 1:31 AM

For the thesis for her MFA in directing at the School of the Arts, Maridee Slater is directing “The Tooth of the Crime,” a play by Sam Shepard. Slater talks about the...


March 29, 11:20 PM

The Lions prevailed in both tense affairs against the Crimson to improve their Ivy record to 3-1.

March 29, 9:52 PM

In wake of a difficult stretch over spring break, men’s tennis rebounded in its Ivy opener to beat Cornell.

March 29, 11:20 PM

Baseball opens Ivy season with a rematch of last year's title game against Dartmouth, earning a split of the doubleheader on Saturday.

March 29, 10:10 PM

With four victories in a row, the Light Blue is on its longest winning streak since 2009.  



December 7, 11:19 PM
Orli Matlow, GS JTS '15, sneaks through Butler Library to find out how students are preparing for finals.

The Eye

March 25, 7:09 AM

When Columbia started building in Manhattanville, it promised to help support the neighborhood. What has it done so far?

March 25, 3:10 AM

Stoya talks with The Eye about sex-positivity, feminist sexuality, and how to direct good porn.

March 25, 2:55 AM

WBAR and WKCR take very different approaches to running a radio station, but both share a common goal of exposing people to new, underrepresented music.

March 25, 3:20 AM

Our protagonist meets the girl who will change everything.