August 17, 2:51 PM

Columbia is revising its sexual assault policy after the passage of a new state law regarding campus sexual assault policy and a year of experience implementing the current policy, which was announced last August.


July 23, 8:31 PM

When Barnard Contingent Faculty-UAW filed its petition to unionize with the National Labor Relations Board in early June, it said it gathered a supermajority of contingent faculty to request that all non-tenure track faculty be included among its ranks.

June 23, 7:56 PM

Former teaching assistant Longxi Zhao said he was wrongfully fired for inappropriate email communication, an unapproved vacation day taken on the Friday before spring break, failure to proctor a makeup quiz, and incorrect implementation of homework policy.

June 25, 8:27 PM

The graduate student unionization effort may be stalled if the New York regional director of the National Labor Relations Board determines she does not have the power to overrule a current NLRB precedent.

May 19, 10:10 AM

Though the School of Engineering and Applied Science’s Class Day fell on a chilly and gray Monday afternoon, keynote speaker Ben Horowitz, CC ’88 and the co-founder of venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz, delivered an upbeat and often lighthearted speech.

May 21, 10:26 AM

As University commencement came to a close Wednesday, the opening notes of Frank Sinatra’s “New York, New York” made it official: the class of 2015 had graduated.

Arts & Entertainment

April 24, 3:20 AM

Barnard Columbia Divest for Climate Justice seeks to create a conversation surrounding climate change divestment, that focuses on social justice rather than academic, scientific, or financial boundaries. This Friday in Butler Plaza,...

April 30, 12:57 AM

Writers Tao Lin and Mira Gonzalez explore their drug use, depression, and experiences through their tweets, compiled in a book to be released on June 15.

April 30, 1:00 AM

The musical presents an overly simplistic retelling of the poignant graphic novel.

April 30, 1:00 AM

The musical presents an overly simplistic retelling of the poignant graphic novel.

April 30, 1:15 AM

Sonic walls of distorted guitars and angelic vocals mark Flyying Colours’ new release.


July 1, 2:04 PM

The former Light Blue slugger will head to Tampa Bay, Florida, where he will join the Gulf Coast Yankees.

June 11, 10:59 AM

The three Light Blue players chosen in Wednesday's draft mark a new program high.

May 19, 4:16 PM

The team’s five seniors—Ashok Narayana, Max Schnur, Eric Jacobs, Winston Lin, and Bert Vancura—have transformed an Ivy contender into a formidable national program. 

May 3, 6:38 PM

After steadily climbing through the ranks for the past three years, the Columbia fencing team found its true comeback in the 2014-15 season. The Lions capped their historical season with No. 1...

May 20, 12:12 PM

Lions, Tigers, and Bears…Oh my.

Apparently it was once a goal of mine to make this the lede of one of my columns—it just shows you how far and how long its...


April 8, 5:01 PM
Orli Matlow, GS/JTS '15 and Spectrum deputy editor, continues her tour of the dorms and tries to find love along the way.

The Eye

April 30, 3:03 AM

Doreen Mohammed became homeless in November 2014—her senior year at Columbia College. “Homelessness is one of those things where you never think it’s going to happen to you,” Mohammed says. “[You think,] ‘Oh, I’m doing everything right, like I’m excelling in high school, I’m going to college, I got a

April 30, 3:32 AM

“You’ve never had a threesome before, is that it?” Marisa prepares for her latest kill, and this time, Jay’s in on it—knowingly or not.

April 30, 3:13 AM

For the final issue of the semester, Eye visuals associate Rowanne Dean ruminates on the meaning of dreams in a special illustration series. 

April 30, 1:03 PM

It’s a trend that pervades higher education. Minorities and women still lag behind when it comes to taking faculty positions. And at Columbia, the numbers are low when it comes to faculty diversity.