November 29, 9:33 PM

Men’s basketball came up short against Hofstra, 88-86, unable to knock down a go-ahead bucket in the final seconds of the contest.

Down by just one to the Pride (5-3), the Lions (3-3) had an opportunity to take a late lead, as they held the ball down just 87-86 with


November 22, 1:06 AM

Columbia College and the School of Engineering and Applied Science announced on Monday that undocumented applicants will now be eligible for the same need-blind admissions and full-need financial aid policies as U.S. citizens and permanent residents are.

This policy change is part of the University’s announcement from earlier

November 18, 1:42 AM

University President Lee Bollinger delivered a strongly-worded speech condemning President-elect Donald Trump at the Hamilton Award Dinner on Thursday night.

In his remarks, which also celebrated the Core Curriculum and the three faculty members that the dinner honored, Bollinger said that the threat Trump’s presidency poses to Columbia’s values was

November 17, 2:39 AM

A week after Donald J. Trump’s presidential victory, over 400 students walked out of classes and gathered on Low Steps on Wednesday afternoon to demand that the University provide sanctuary for undocumented immigrants.

They chanted, “Education, not deportation” and “What do we want? Sanctuary campus. When do we

September 14, 2:06 AM

A 26-year-old woman was allegedly attacked and sexually assaulted on Manhattan Avenue, near Barnard residence hall Cathedral Gardens, early on Saturday morning.

September 11, 8:58 AM

Chief Executive Officer of YWCA Dara Richardson-Heron, BC ’85, inspired students at Barnard’s 126th convocation to take on challenges headfirst and lead with passion, as she shared her experiences overcoming sexism, breast cancer, and discrimination.

Richardson-Heron, who spoke to a crowd of over 500 students, alumni, and faculty at Riverside

Arts & Entertainment

November 22, 2:48 AM

Barnard’s Glicker-Milstein Theater has never looked so bare. The black-box stage is unadorned, save for four wooden frames covered in transparent film, a table filled with props, and one solitary microphone. The...

November 22, 2:05 AM

“Do you not see me as American?”

Statue-still under a cold spotlight, Nabila Nawrin, BC ’19, stares at her shadowy audience as her own voice echoes over Roone Arledge Auditorium’s loudspeakers. Her...

November 21, 1:31 AM

Just as producer Maddy Cohen, BC ’19, begins asking the audience to turn off their phones, a loud, high-pitched ringtone interrupts the end of her sentence. Cohen’s face scrunches in annoyance at...

October 22, 1:42 AM

James Elkington and Nathan Salsburg open up about the origins of their folk duo, recording long-distance, and how their second album, “Ambsace,” came to be.

October 22, 5:03 AM

Fashion and Virtue: Textile Patterns and the Print Revolution, 1520-1620,” the newest exhibit at the Met, combines interdisciplinary art media to juxtapose recently rediscovered Renaissance-era textile pattern books against the broader context...


November 29, 12:05 AM

Men’s basketball will host Hofstra at Levien Gymnasium on Tuesday. 

The Lions are coming off a hard-fought overtime victory over Colgate in their last outing. Senior forward Luke Petrasek totaled a team-high...

November 29, 2:10 AM

With the score tied in the last seconds of an overtime match against Colgate last Saturday, junior guard Nate Hickman pulled up for a three that eventually won men’s basketball its first...

November 27, 5:10 PM

Women’s basketball edged out Colgate, 75-67, behind a 10-2 fourth-quarter run to close out the contest. 

Tied at 65 with more than four minutes to play, Columbia (3-2) pulled away from Colgate...

May 3, 6:38 PM

After steadily climbing through the ranks for the past three years, the Columbia fencing team found its true comeback in the 2014-15 season. The Lions capped their historical season with No. 1...

May 20, 12:12 PM

Lions, Tigers, and Bears…Oh my.

Apparently it was once a goal of mine to make this the lede of one of my columns—it just shows you how far and how long its...

The Eye

November 29, 6:04 AM

Before I started reporting for this story, I barely knew the Global Centers existed. But I wanted to understand how Columbia had responded to the recent pressure universities face to globalize.

November 29, 6:37 AM

During the seemingly private moment behind a camera lens, a barrier is broken between two strangers. In this reflective photo essay, we learn not only how to capture life as it happens before us, but also to appreciate each detail.

November 29, 7:19 AM

Columbia Shiite students connect with their roots through the ritual of Muharram. But like the immigrant experience, Muharram in Manhattan is a translation across nations, generations, and cultures.

November 29, 6:51 AM

Being alone in the city can mean feeling increasingly adrift, disconnected from the Columbia bubble. This Barnard College student tries to find herself by meeting up with strangers.