April 27, 3:52 PM

Senior guard Grant Mullins has decided to play at UC Berkeley beginning next fall, after earning an NCAA waiver for a fifth-year of eligibility this past February, according to ESPN

The Ontario native took officials visits to Syracuse, Michigan, and California over the past couple of weeks before settling


April 21, 10:04 PM

Shreyas Vissapragada, CC ’17, has been awarded the Barry Goldwater Scholarship, considered the most prestigious award of its kind for math, science, and engineering majors in the country.

The Goldwater Scholarship honors students who have demonstrated high levels of academic achievement and advanced research skills in their respective fields.

April 21, 4:05 AM

Beginning this fall, students picking up packages from the Undergraduate Package Center will go to the basement of Wien Hall instead of the fourth floor of Lerner Hall as part of a series of major changes to Columbia’s mail and package delivery system.

Vice President of Campus Services Scott Wright and

September 14, 2:06 AM

A 26-year-old woman was allegedly attacked and sexually assaulted on Manhattan Avenue, near Barnard residence hall Cathedral Gardens, early on Saturday morning.

September 11, 8:58 AM

Chief Executive Officer of YWCA Dara Richardson-Heron, BC ’85, inspired students at Barnard’s 126th convocation to take on challenges headfirst and lead with passion, as she shared her experiences overcoming sexism, breast cancer, and discrimination.

Richardson-Heron, who spoke to a crowd of over 500 students, alumni, and faculty at Riverside

Arts & Entertainment

February 19, 12:57 AM

A new exhibit at Rio II Gallery opening Friday aims to give both Columbia students and local residents a new way to engage with the issue of mass incarceration.

“Through Different Eyes:...

November 19, 5:47 AM

This weekend looks at brand-building in the age of social media.

November 17, 3:33 AM

Christine Rosenblatt’s “Missing Gemini” features solid musical composition and an engaging plot, despite some structural issues.

October 22, 1:42 AM

James Elkington and Nathan Salsburg open up about the origins of their folk duo, recording long-distance, and how their second album, “Ambsace,” came to be.

October 22, 5:03 AM

Fashion and Virtue: Textile Patterns and the Print Revolution, 1520-1620,” the newest exhibit at the Met, combines interdisciplinary art media to juxtapose recently rediscovered Renaissance-era textile pattern books against the broader context...


April 27, 3:52 PM

Senior guard Grant Mullins has decided to play at UC Berkeley beginning next fall, after earning an NCAA waiver for a fifth-year of eligibility this past February, according to ESPN


April 27, 6:44 PM

Kanika Vaidya was unanimously selected as the Ivy League Player of the Year on Wednesday.

The senior captain also earned first-team All Ivy honors for the third-straight season after finishing conference play...

April 26, 10:09 PM

Junior Jackie Chulya and senior Harrison Shih each claimed Ivy League Golfer of the Year honors on Tuesday. 

Chulya won the award unanimously after a tremendous season that saw her finish in...

May 3, 6:38 PM

After steadily climbing through the ranks for the past three years, the Columbia fencing team found its true comeback in the 2014-15 season. The Lions capped their historical season with No. 1...

May 20, 12:12 PM

Lions, Tigers, and Bears…Oh my.

Apparently it was once a goal of mine to make this the lede of one of my columns—it just shows you how far and how long its...


April 14, 8:40 PM
At 4 p.m. on Thursday afternoon, about 40 Columbia Divest for Climate Justice members—many of whom are still inside Low—entered the building while members of the Barnard Columbia Soildarity Network held a rally on Low Steps to show support for the group.

The Eye

April 27, 8:57 AM

“You know, I have no fond memories of Lerner, and I’ve spent so much darn time there.”

April 27, 7:42 AM

Nicholas Murray Butler’s name, if not his identity, commonly graces Columbia’s campus and the conversations of current college students. This article examines his past and his own self perception and how it contributed to the legacy he has left behind.

April 27, 5:16 AM

In its final issue, The Eye presents 11 personal anecdotes about Butler Library. From the alcoves to the stacks, and from 7 in the morning to 4:30 at night, these stories span the where and the when of Butler experience.

April 26, 11:08 PM

Faced with the task of organizing Columbia’s extensive book holdings, architects, librarians, and students of the University over the last century have battled with the impossibility of organizing the infinite. How, they wondered—and still do—do we create an ordered space that can at once curate and organize knowledge while accommodating