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Senior column: "Thanks."

After two years of working as a Spectator photographer, I never thought that I would write for the paper. Yet here I am, 1,334 days after I shot my first assignment, and I’m finally writing a column. I’m not much of a writer (I’m both foreign and in SEAS), so I included some photos for your entertainment.

These 1,334 days have been filled with memories that I will never forget—my first night as an associate editing for the Ahmadinejad supplement, my first assignment covering soccer in a torrential downpour, the press box at Madison Square Garden, getting hit by a football player while lining up a shot, meeting and talking to President Sarkozy, and, of course, the endless hours spent in the office.

It is hard to find many words to sum up my time at Columbia, but to all who have made my four years at this school and my two years at Spectator as great as they were:

-Shakespeare (Coriolanus 1.1)

The author is a senior in the School of Engineering and Applied Science majoring in mechanical engineering. He was associate photo editor on the 131st and 132nd associate boards, and deputy photo editor on the 132nd and 133rd deputy boards.


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much love. New York says: forget me not.