About Us

  • Jing Qu / Senior Staff Photographer

Founded in 1877, the Columbia Daily Spectator delivers news daily to thousands of readers around Columbia University, Morningside Heights, West Harlem, and beyond. The newspaper is published five days per week during the academic year, and offers news, arts, commentary, sports coverage, and photos from around campus and New York City, in conjunction with our blog, Spectrum, and our weekly arts and features magazine, The Eye. We are the second-oldest college daily paper in the country and have been financially independent from the University since 1962. 

The organization is run by undergraduates from Barnard College, Columbia College, the School of General Studies, and the School of Engineering and Applied Science, with a staff totaling over 200 students. Spectator has opportunities for students’ wide range of interests, including reporting, writing, editing, photography, design, illustration, video production, and business. 

Contact Us

For general comments or questions about Spectator, you can reach the editor in chief, managing editor, and publisher at info@columbiaspectator.com. For editorial questions or concerns, email editor@columbiaspectator.com.

We are located at 2875 Broadway between West 111th and 112th streets. 
Mail: 2875 Broadway, Suite 303, New York, NY 10025 
Phone: General: (212) 854-9549, Business: (212) 854-9550 
Business Fax: (212) 854-9553
Twitter: @ColumbiaSpec, @CUspectrum, @CUSpecSports, @theeyemag
Facebook: facebook.com/columbiaspectator 
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/ColumbiaSpecVideo

Join Us

Those interested in joining the Columbia Daily Spectator must be current undergraduate students at Columbia University. Students are required to go through staff training at the beginning of their time at Spectator. Interested students are free to attend section-specific sessions for more than one section, and staff members are able to contribute to multiple sections simultaneously (with the exception of News and Opinion). 

We host open houses at the beginning of the fall and spring semesters for all those interested in joining. Check out our Join page for details on the open houses and how to join. If you are unable to make any of the dates or have any general questions, please contact us at join@columbiaspectator.com


We are committed to fair and accurate reporting. If you notice an error, please inform us at editor@columbiaspectator.com.

Submissions: Tips, op-eds, letters to the editor

Tips: Email us at tips@columbiaspectator.com. Have pictures you think we should post? Email tips@columbiaspectator.com, tweet at us @ColumbiaSpec, or post it on our Facebook at facebook.com/columbiaspectator.

Op-eds: Spectator welcomes submissions from individuals affiliated with Columbia University or Morningside Heights. They should clearly state an opinion and may not have been previously published elsewhere. Pieces should be roughly 650 words, and may be edited before publication. Please note that upon publication, either online or in print, any op-ed piece becomes property of the Spectator Publishing Company. Email submissions to opinion@columbiaspectator.com.

Letters to the editor: A letter to the editor should be no longer than 350 words and must refer to an article from Spectator or The Eye, or a Spectrum post. Letters may be edited and shortened for space constraints. Please note that upon publication, either online or in print, any letter becomes property of the Spectator Publishing Company. Submit letters to opinion@columbiaspectator.com.

Comment Policy

We feel it’s important to balance the impulse to remove all objectionable material with our commitment to free and open discussion and debate. We love comments and don’t love being the comment police, but sometimes things get out of hand. When a comment is objectionable, we’ll remove it.

We reserve the right to delete any comment we find offensive, but a few things are particularly likely to get your comment deleted:

Libel. Broadly speaking, comments that contain untrue statements about living persons will be deleted.

Gratuitous profanity. We won’t delete comments simply because they contain profanities, but comments we deem more profane than substantial will be deleted.

Intolerance. Comments that attack a particular racial, ethnic, or religious community will be deleted, as will comments that disparage people of a certain gender or sexual orientation.

Self-promotion. Irrelevant comments designed to draw attention to a commenter’s own enterprise will be deleted.

We also reserve the right to put commenters with a history of publishing offensive remarks on “commenting probation.” Commenters “on probation” can still leave comments on columbiaspectator.com, but those comments must be approved by one of our editors before they appear on the site.

Spectator Publishing Company

Spectator Publishing Company, Inc., is the parent company of the Columbia Daily Spectator. The company, managed by the publisher, editor in chief, and managing editor, is an independent nonprofit organization accountable to a board of trustees composed of Spectator alumni. The publishing company employs a full-time professional staff in graphics and advertising who provide quality service to our many advertisers.

Advertise With Us

Spectator is one of the strongest ways to reach a highly coveted but elusive market: 18- to 22-year-old college students. We’re the only daily newspaper serving the more than 60,000 students, faculty, administrators, and staff of Columbia University. Spectator is also the premier news source for local coverage of Morningside Heights, West Harlem, and the Upper West Side.

For rates, specifications, and information about advertising in The Eye or on our website, visit our advertising site here.


Our Archive site includes issues published from 1953 to 1985 and from 1991 to 1992. The text of articles, headlines, photo captions, and advertisements in those issues is completely searchable. We are working to make available the complete run of the publication from 1877 to the present.

The Archive currently contains 3,989 issues comprising 30,733 pages and 124,417 articles. Whenever possible pages were scanned from original paper copies and digitized using state of the art technology that provides full-page, searchable reproductions of articles, photographs, and advertisements. (For articles published in the last 15 years, please search the main Spectator website.)

The goals of the Archive are to provide a public resource for Columbia University history and to preserve the Spectator’s past work. It is the result of a partnership between the Spectator and Columbia University Libraries, and funded jointly by the Libraries and through generous gifts from Spectator alumni and friends, especially members of the class of 1958.

Interested in helping us finish the job? Please support digitization by donating here.

The original printed copies of the Columbia Spectator are housed in the Columbia University Archives. Some of our first volumes are also searchable on Google Books.

Reprint/reuse rights and permissions

If you are interested in republishing Spectator content, please contact our staff at usagerights@columbiaspectator.com.

Managing Board

Spectator's daily operations are run by a 22-member Managing Board.

Editor in chief: Abby Abrams
Managing editor: Steven Lau
Publisher: Michael Ouimette
Campus news editor: Samantha Cooney
City news editor: Christian Zhang
Editorial page editor: Dan Garisto
Arts & entertainment editor: David Salazar
Sports editor: Muneeb Alam
Sports editor: Eli Schultz
Head copy editor: Natan Belchikov
Photo editor: Kiera Wood
Multimedia editor: Megan Cunnane
Design editor: Alanna Browdy
Design editor: Will McCormack
Spectrum editor: Mihika Barua
Editor in chief, The Eye: Dunni Oduyemi
Online editor: Albert Cui
Online editor: Karen Nan
Staff director: Megan Kallstrom
Chief operating officer: Sam Waters
Chief development officer: Audrey Greene

Board of Trustees

Spectator Publishing Company, Inc., is the parent company of the Columbia Daily Spectator. The company, managed by the publisher, editor in chief, and managing editor, is an independent nonprofit organization accountable to a board of trustees composed of Spectator alumni.