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Lunar Gala to celebrate Chinese culture and ‘rebirth’

Roone Arledge Auditorium will transform into a catwalk for the 2015 Lunar Gala fashion show on Saturday.

The Gala, organized by the Chinese Students Club, brings this season’s current styles to campus. Hosted in celebration of this Thursday’s Chinese New Year, the Gala’s theme is the concept of rebirth.

Another emphasis of the production is diversity. The event includes culture group performances, paying homage to Chinese culture and its diverse styles, aiming to transcend the traditional cheongsam or quipao styles.

The clothing styles for each of the gala’s five scenes will be modeled by over 60 racially diverse students. They were specifically chosen to portray different aesthetic niches within Asian culture, such as the younger, more fun Harajuku, and the upscale Macau. It includes a number of vintage styles, ranging from glitzy John Galliano pieces to characteristically sleek Donna Karan dresses.

Although the show has been held by the Chinese Students Club every year since the mid-1980s, this year the traditional fashion show is being redefined by its diverse team of Columbia students and producers who focused on bringing to life Chinese culture and its various niches according to Director Jenny Liu, CC ’16.

The event will feature performances by Joseph Vincent, CU Generation, Raw Elementz, Chinese Yo-Yo, and other performers. Combined with the elaborate light shows, stage design, and various performers, this exhibition transforms the traditionally serious and straightforward catwalk into a visually riotous performance that seeks to represent all aspects of Chinese culture.

The stage designs incorporate aspects ranging from anime film to traditional lantern decoration, giving the performance an aesthetic appeal that will engage even those less compelled by the show’s fashion facet.

The goal of the Lunar Gala over the years has not only been to provide an elaborate cultural experience in celebration of the Chinese New Year, but also to engage members of the community with the idea that Asian culture is an integral part of Columbia’s own.

“The show reveals how Asian culture is pervasive around the world, exhibiting this through various styles and settings,” Liu said. “It reveals that this culture is worldwide and anyone can adopt it.”

In this way, Lunar Gala invites everyone to celebrate the New Year and engage with the Chinese culture in a way that represents its true diversity and influence.

“I expect this year’s event to be the perfect way to celebrate the New Year with our diverse Columbia family,” model Ke’ala Lopez, CC ’16, said.

The Lunar Gala will be held in Roone Auditorium this Saturday, Feb. 21 from 7 to 10 p.m. General admission tickets are $10 and VIP tickets are $15. | @shannonsolomon


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Anonymous posted on

I mean no offense but as an asian myself I and my friends, am truly astounded by selection of models. They could not be called pretty or handsome to put it kindly.

Linan Qiu, General Producer for the Lunar Gala Fashion Show posted on

Because being pretty and handsome was never a prerequisite during our selection.

Linan posted on

And if you fail to understand that beauty is so much more than those traits, I feel sorry for you.