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Ollie’s will reopen on Broadway between 103rd and 104th streets

Updatd: Sept. 19 at 2:42 p.m.

After a seven-month closure, Columbia fixture Ollie’s Noodle Shop & Grille is reopening on Broadway between 103rd and 104th streets.

A fire in Barnard’s 600 West 116th St. residence hall in March caused two explosions and destroyed Ollie’s, which suffered and interior and exterior damage. The fire was the final straw for Ollie’s, which previously had been plagued by financial and land ownership concerns. The restaurant that had been in the business since 1989 closed its 116th Street location after its building’s owner, Barnard, opted to not extend its lease.

But a sign outside a construction zone on 2705 Broadway between 103rd and 104th streets indicates that Ollie’s has a new home slightly off campus. The site used to house a grocery store, 103 Grocery & Vegetable Fruit.

A representative for Ollies could not immediately be reached for comment. Its unclear from the sign when the new restaurant will open.  |  @annem_bompart


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