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Something wicked this way comes: Halloween at Palisades promises a hell of a show

This Halloween, Palisades and DFA Records are teaming up to put on the most hair-raising gig in all of Brooklyn. Dubbed “An Evening of Terrifying Music,” the bill includes punk and noise bands like Container, Pill, Guerilla Toss, PC Worship, and more.

“We had an awesome Halloween event last year, and I definitely had wanted to step up the game a little bit this year,” Ariel Bitran, co-owner of Palisades, said. “I wanted to include some tropical, rhythmic acts, and then someone put the idea in my mind that people actually like scary music on Halloween, and I took that as a challenge on myself to create the scariest bill of music possible.”

The event springs out of a partnership between Palisades and DFA Records. After discussing the possibility of a Halloween event with the band Guerilla Toss, which is signed to DFA, the event became a “strong platform to work together,” Bitran said.

“It’s my favorite place to see a show. I mean, I like a nice, big, professional venue, but I kind of like the good spirit there, good aesthetic,” Kristopher Petersen, manager of DFA Records, said.

Like Frankenstein’s monster, “An Evening of Terrifying Music” is the masterful brainchild of its creators. Featuring bands like the energetic and electric noise meets funk group Guerilla Toss (DFA Records), the enigmatic PC Worship (Northern Spy), and the unpredictable yet meticulously melodic Pill (Mexican Summer), it’s easy to see that Bitran and the rest of the team are bringing in acts from all across the spectrum to create an unforgettable All Hallow’s Eve show.  

In true Halloween fashion, the artists themselves have a few tricks and treats in store.

Becca Kauffman, who plays in the band Ava Luna, has been really busy putting together a performance for a deranged fashion show, kind of like a scratch-and-sniff synchronised dance type of thing,” Kassie Carlson, lead singer of Guerilla Toss, said. “It’s going to be really crazy and different to all the other Halloween shows that are going on that night.”

In conjunction to this demented fashion show, it seems Palisades is allowing no rest for the wicked.

“My good friend Sarah Kinlaw is directing live dancers to be performing in between bands, so there’s going to be that horror show element,” Jon Campolo, guitarist of Pill, said.

Not only does Saturday night promise to be a spectacular night of live, spooky music, but the gig also serves as a release party for several of the bands on the bill. NYC’s own Pill is releasing their new 7”, titled “Hot Glue/A.I.Y.M?” a day before the show. Likewise, Guerilla Toss is celebrating the release of its new EP, “Flood Dosed,” which came out last month.

“This new record, it feels more different to me,” Carlson said. “It feels more like what we want to go for, which is a danceable kind of thing—accessible, dare I say. We want people to be stoked and to be happy and dancing all night.”

A good spirit has become a defining feature of Palisades. After opening in April 2014, the Brooklyn DIY concert and art space has become a creative epicenter, welcoming all different types of artists and musicians. This open atmosphere stems from co-owners Bitran, Leeor Waisbrod, and Rose Fathers’ approach to managing the venue.

“[We want to] support the careers of artists and give them opportunities to grow without taking advantage of them,” Bitran said.

In a similar fashion, DFA aims to foster growth in its bands, and to showcase them as both recording artists and live musicians.

“At DFA we don’t take any income from our bands playing live, or anything like that. We usually actually give them money to help them tour,” Petersen said. “If we’re going to do something like that, we want to make sure we’re providing some sort of value, or having cool events, so we don’t feel like we’re just stealing from our artists.”  

This weekend’s gig is a perfect culmination of these values. With a frightfully awesome lineup and some aces hidden up the artists’ sleeves, there is no better place to spend Halloween in all of NYC.

“The Halloween show is going to be so insane. The music caters to Halloween,” Campolo said. “It’s going to be a real freak show, which is perfect.”

“An Evening of Terrifying Music” is an all-ages show hosted at Palisades on Oct. 31. Doors open at 8:00 p.m. Tickets are $15 at the door and $12 in advance. | @ColumbiaSpec


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