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Tel Aviv-based Breads Bakery to open Upper West Side location

Breads Bakery—an Israeli establishment dedicated to all things gluten—will soon be opening uptown, bringing its hearty loaves, perfect pastries, wholesome lunches, and fantastic coffee to the Upper West Side.

The bakery’s name references a quirk in its Hebrew name “Lechamim,” which translates to “breads” in English.

Celebrated for its fantastic selection of baguettes, loaves and rolls, Breads is an ode to wheat, with pastries that may excite and inspire even more than their fantastically executed namesake.

The bakery’s sweet offerings are marked by subtle attempts (and successes) at transcending classics, braiding marzipan into challah and layering Nutella as well as chocolate chips into the babka. Even the almond croissant—a seemingly standard example of morning decadence—pushes the limits of butteriness so much that one wonders how the team at Breads is able to make its pastries this smooth. The only thing that is certain is that every bite of these pastries is completely delicious.

Uri Scheft, an Israeli baker with roots in Denmark, initially brought Northern European bread techniques to Israel, adding to the Middle Eastern, North African, and Eastern European flavors that dominate the country’s cuisine.

And Breads’ migration to the United States is, like many immigrant narratives, a story of hard work, struggle, and love of food. Co-owner Gadi Peleg, SEAS ’97 andan Israeli New Yorker who, upon entering Lechamim in Tel Aviv in the early 2000s when it first opened, “walked into the bakery, and loved everything [he] had” so much that he begged Scheft to come to New York. After years of coaxing, the bakery opened its doors near Union Square in 2013, and rapidly became one of New York’s favorites.

Peleg explains that while all of the bakeries’ offerings are stellar, there are certain items that are undeniable must-haves. Peleg strongly recommends the best-selling chocolate babka (the aforementioned Nutella-chocolate chip yeast cake extravaganza) and the cheese straws, a savory example of the previously detailed, unparalleled butteriness of a Breads pastry.

After its long journey across the world, Breads Bakery will finally be available near Columbia’s campus. Students will soon get access to all of the breads and baked goods, with the added bonus of a 10 percent student discount. Delicious indeed!

Breads Bakery will open at 1890 Broadway by Lincoln Center later this winter. Students with a CUID receive a 10 percent student discount. | @ColumbiaSpec


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