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Out of political chaos, harmony: CSC's 38th annual Lunar Gala fashion show

  • Leon Wu / Senior Staff Photographer

The Chinese Students Club’s 38th annual Lunar Gala fashion show promises to be different this year: more extravagant, more dramatic, and “more special.”

At least that’s what the fashion show’s co-director Kosta M. Karakashyan, CC ’19, said as he joked that he would include “flying elephants” in the show if he could. The theme for this year’s show, “Harmony,” is supposed to call to mind the political—almost existential—chaos that is unfolding throughout the country.

Through images of fire and water, avant-garde costuming, and sequences where the models aren’t just modeling, but leaping, contorting, and flailing, the show is supposed to represent a personal journey toward a state of “perfect harmony.”

Leon Wu / Senior Staff Videographer

“We wanted to show all the forces in the world that create chaos. However, in the end, harmony always prevails,” co-director Mehmet Sonmez, SEAS ’19, who is in charge of the show’s operations and finance, said.

Over 95 students auditioned to be models in the show, 66 of whom were ultimately cast.

In keeping with the show’s overall theme, each scene will feature different costumes that match a specific mood, such as chaos and self-destruction. The directors hinted that a variety of materials would be featured, including black leather, denim, and indigenous patterns and fabrics.

A total of 12 student designers—some from Parsons The New School, but none from Columbia—created costumes exclusively for the show. The directors also sourced pieces from brands like Crystal Tong, Mr. Larkin, and The Tailory. The accessories in the show were made from a sculpture class offered through Columbia’s visual arts department.

The absence of Columbia costume designers, and the fact that the show’s three directors—Karakashyan, Sonmez, and Richard Zhang, SEAS ’19—are not themselves studying fashion or pursuing it outside of school, reflects how small the fashion community on campus is, according to Karakashyan.

“But it is good this way,” Karakashyan said. ”In a school like Parsons or FIT, it is harder to make your mark in fashion. Here, we have more creative freedom to do exactly what we want because there are less expectations.”

“Lunar Gala: Harmony 2017” will take place on Feb. 11 at Roone Arledge Auditorium. | @camillaqs11


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