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In Focus: Students, faculty rally against Trump's immigration ban

In a protest organized by the Graduate Workers of Columbia against President Donald Trump’s recent immigration ban, hundreds of students and faculty members assembled in front of Low Library to share personal testimonies and calls to action.

After the protest on the Steps, a smaller contingent of students headed to Columbus Circle, where they continued the march toward Times Square and eventually Bryant Park. There, Columbia students joined other students from schools like NYU and The New School.

Protesters congregate in front of Low Library, which houses a number of the University’s administrative offices. (Trinity Lester / Staff Photographer) 

Two students proudly bear flags on their shoulders. (Micayla Lubka / Staff Photographer)

A concerned graduate student looks over the large crowd of students on Low Plaza. (Yasmine Akki / Senior Staff Photographer)

Faculty members stand in solidarity with their students and hold signs welcoming refugees and immigrants. (Michael Edmonson / Senior Staff Photographer)

Brinkley Messick, anthropology professor and director of the Middle East Institute, hints at inviting lawyers who rushed to JFK to offer their help to stranded travelers to campus to learn more about legal advice and strategies for this movement. (Michael Edmonson / Senior Staff Photographer)

Members of UndoCU, the undocumented students initiative on campus, deliver their statement in front of hundreds of students on Low Plaza. “We won’t be free until the most vulnerable among us are free.” (Xavier Dade / Staff Photographer)

Students hold their homemade signs high in subfreezing temperatures. (Aarushi Jain / Staff Photographer)

Students brave the cold, holding signs in front of Low Library hours after sunset. (Michael Edmonson / Senior Staff Photographer)

The crowd listens to testimonials from undocumented members of the community. (Yasmine Akki / Senior Staff Photographer)

Students listen attentively to their peers. A Syrian student at the Journalism School (not pictured) said, “I don’t feel safe now. I didn’t believe that this could happen.” (Yasmine Akki / Senior Staff Photographer)

Student protesters walk through Times Square on their way to join students from NYU and The New School. (Michael Edmonson / Senior Staff Photographer)

A Columbia student chants while walking toward Bryant Park. (Yasmine Akki / Senior Staff Photographer)

Basma Radwan, a student in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, shows her sign as she marches with her colleagues at Times Square. (Yasmine Akki / Senior Staff Photographer)

Danielle Carr, a GSAS student, leads the march on 42nd Street before reaching Bryant Park, where NYU and New School students were waiting for the Columbia students. (Yasmine Akki / Senior Staff Photographer)


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