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Barnard revises Pass/D/Fail policy, allows for grade uncovering


Effective this fall, Barnard students who have elected to use the Pass/D/Fail option for a class will now be able to uncover their grades.

The change, which was announced in an email to the Barnard community by Dean of the College Avis Hinkson on Wednesday evening, comes along with a newly revised Pass/D/Fail policy which was voted in place by the Committee on Instruction in May.

Although students are still unable to request a course be taken for Pass/D/Fail credit after the deadline, courses taken for a pass grade may be uncovered. However, uncovering the grade does not free up credits limited to the grading option to be reused on another Pass/D/Fail request. Students will also not be allowed to retroactively uncover past courses taken using the option.

Under the new policy, incoming first-years will be able to take up to 23 credits for a grade of Pass/D/Fail, while transfers may allocate a maximum 22 credits for a pass grade. These credit limitations do not include courses which are taken for a mandatory grade of Pass/Fail, such as physical education classes.

Students are still prohibited from taking any First-Year Foundations classes for a grade of Pass/D/Fail, as well as any courses that count toward their major or minor.

The new policy is in effect for students studying under the Nine Ways of Knowing as well as Foundations and is more closely aligned with the grading policy for Columbia College students. Student Government Association President Sara Heiny, BC ’17, said this alteration to the option would be beneficial to students in both colleges.

“It basically eliminates the ambiguity between the uncovering policy between Columbia and Barnard classes and Barnard and Columbia students, and what they’re able to uncover and not uncover, and makes it more equitable,” she said.

Heiny, who previously served as the council’s representative for academic affairs and sat on the COI, had helped spearhead the updated policy proposal.

She said that she believes that the new policy will contribute to a more interdisciplinary academic environment for Barnard students.

“I think that the relief that Barnard students will have by knowing that they can Pass/D/Fail and uncover those Pass/D/Fails if they want to will encourage more exploration,” she said. “It relieves a lot of pressure and allows students to explore more courses outside their major more freely.” | @ACBandrowski


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