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Draw-A-Thon brings artists, models to annual event

This Friday, drawing experts and novices will have the opportunity to put their sketching stamina to the test in the annual five-hour Draw-A-Thon, organized by CU Artist Society. 

Building on the strong turnout at last year’s event, the upcoming figure drawing session in 501 Dodge Hall will feature a rotating cast of live models changing by the hour, along with the sounds of live music performances from groups around campus. 

“This is a good way to get attention for the arts on campus,” Ben Swetland, CC ’15 and CU Artist Society vice president, said. “Artist Society is for people to have a constructive space to exercise their artistic impulses on campus, especially for those who like doing art but are studying something else here.”

From 6 to 11 p.m., art materials and snacks will be provided, and everyone is free to join on a come-and-go basis. 

“We don’t ask for your name, for your talent, or for your experience,” Swetland added. “It’s totally open because we want people to do it, whatever interest level they have.”

“This event is not any sort of workshop or snotty sacrifice to the god of art,” Alice Rottersman, BC ’16 and a participant in previous Draw-A-Thons, said. “It is just people being happy drawing in a room together, listening to great music, and snacking.”

For those who are new to live drawing or already attend the society’s weekly two-hour Friday night and Saturday morning live drawing sessions, the Draw-A-Thon offers a special collaboration of music and art to heighten the typical sketching experience. 

“There are always several different groups who come to play, which keeps the session lively up until the very end,” Leila Fletcher, BC ’15, said. “The music also often inspires me to render my work in a different way depending on the pacing and intensity of the song. I think it makes my work more varied and of better quality.”

The models, who sign up through advertisements posted on campus, also benefit from the experience, which allows them to exercise their creativity in forming poses.

“Models choose their own poses and sometimes they do something that is totally unexpected,” Swetland said. “We only give them vague guidelines before then and just say ‘Go for it!’”

With the Draw-A-Thon’s open doors, sketchers can expect to observe a great variety of styles and look forward to a chance to improve their technique amongst their peers in Friday’s session. 

“Drawing with such a large group of people makes me feel inspired,” Fletcher said. “It pushes me to do my best work, because I want the other artists to see what I am capable of.”

 The Draw-A-Thon will take place Friday from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. | @ColumbiaSpec


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