The Shaft

Overlooked perks of Barnard dorms

With lottery numbers coming out today at 9:00 p.m. you'll be scouring the Shaft's floor plans, eliminating potentially crappy dorms. But don't write them off so quickly, overlooked dorms often have great advantages. Check it out!

If you're a Columbia Cutie, click here for the link to Overlooked perks of Columbia dorms. 


601 W. 110 Street 

This hall might have a reputation for being a bit grimy, but 110 is conveniently close to many popular off-campus destinations.

  • Near Westside Market and Chipotle — who even needs a dining plan?

  • Near Duane Reade and Rite Aid

  • Near Mel’s (and closer to Cannons than most dorms)

  • Suites/studios with kitchens

  • Carpet and hardwood floor combo

Cathedral Gardens

This hall is admittedly forever-away from main campus and doesn’t have Wi-Fi (wtf?), but the amenities are nice — like, really nice.

  • Spacious rooms and large common rooms

  • The M4 bus runs from CG to Barnard’s campus (for those extra-cold or extra-lazy days)

  • Beautiful hardwood floors

  • A/C

  • Private bathroom & kitchen per suite

  • Close to Central Park and Morningside Park


Elliott Hall

While Elliott does have a reputation as one of the dirtiest Barnard dorms, a lot of the gross-ness can be prevented with a little effort by the residents.

  • A/C

  • 2 kitchens per floor

  • Fairly spacious floor lounges

  • Close to campus

  • Each 12-person cluster is like its own little community


Plimpton Hall

When choosing housing, people often overlook Plimpton presumably because it isn’t very close to any of the other dorms. This hall, however, has a sweet suite set-up.

  • Each suite has its own kitchen, bathroom, and small lounge area

  • Close to Pupin, Schermerhorn, and Teacher’s College

  • Piano in the study lounge

  • A/C

  • Each suite has 4 singles and 1 double

Good luck with your lottery numbers today, Barnardies. We're taking questions on your chances of bagging that 620 single at so email in now.


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