Prof Rosdeitcher takes seminar on field trip to the Supreme Court

How did you spend your hump day? I bet you didn’t have as good a time as Christine Nelson, CC ’17, and the rest of her political science seminar. Sidney Rosdeitcher’s Constitutional Law class took a nbd field trip to the Supreme Court for some lawyer-slaying spectatorship.

“Thanks to my amazing Constitutional Law professor I got to sit in on three oral arguments at the Supreme Court today and listen to the justices destroy some lawyers,” Christine wrote in a subsequent Instagram post shared to her Facebook account, “The best part was getting to meet Justice Ginsburg and asking her about her favorite experiments in the “laboratories of democracy.” All in all it was an amazing day and i feel so blessed to have had this opportunity.”

courtesy of Christine Nelson

“I think a lot of people wanted to take [the class] because we knew that we’d get to go to the Supreme Court,” Christine, a pre-law senior, explained. Getting onto the roster involved an application process, including submitting relevant courses taken, a class schedule, and an essay. Seems worth it, though, for a chance to have a chat with Ruth Bader Ginsburg. “Apparently [Rosdeitcher’s] friends with her, and he does this every year with his class.”

In addition to meeting Notorious RBG and watching the national’s judicial system play out in real life, Christine noted the relative informality of the Supreme Court’s workings. “None of us had ever been in the [Supreme Court, and] I think a lot of us were surprised at how informal it was [and] how small the courtroom was.” That’s not to say the SupCo (we’re trying to make that a thing; just run with it) was underwhelming. Christine noted how an elaborate speech given at the beginning was “kind of theatrical” and “pretty surprising,” plus (trust Columbia students to do this) the group had some throwbacks to first-year Art Humanities when they noted the frieze and columns. If this isn’t evidence that the Core haunts you for life, we don’t know what is.

There are few remedies to hump day sorrows; one is spending the day at the Supreme Court, watching the Supreme Justice squad wreck lawyers. Christine and the Const Law (ok maybe that one’s less catchy) gang probably had the best hump day in the history of hump days. And who knows? Maybe a few years from now they’ll be back in that lil courthouse with the frieze and columns working alongside RBG and the Justice squad.

Isabella Monaco is a Barnard first-year and a trainee Spectrum staff writer. As a waxing enthusiast, her favorite amendment is the right to bare legs. ​Reach her at

Sophia Hotung is a Barnard junior and Spectrum’s editor. When she buys glasses, her only criterion is that they look like RBG’s. Reach her at


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