Wake Up Call: Why dudes flooded into Hewitt last night (10/11)



Fall snacks that manage not to be basic? Impossible!

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Your 10/11 Wake Up Call

Drop it like it's hot. (i.e. your classes.)

Today's top stories

Plaque attack: Columbia’s Lenape plaque was finally unveiled up in Manhattanville yesterday on Indigenous Peoples’ Day.

Clapping back on the plaque: Right after the unveiling of the Lenape plaque, the Native American Council is back with another op-ed about how Columbia can provide reparations to the Native American community.

PrezBo’s favorite things: PrezBo got down and discussed freedom of speech and student stress at his latest fireside chat, but what did he add to the conversation? Find out…

White men, brown skin: Columnist Nikita Singareddy reflects on her past relationships with white men and how they have, in turn, shaped her relationship with her brown skin.

Regarding the Barnard rat: Provost Bell continued to defend Barnard’s discussions with contingent faculty members at last night’s SGA meeting.

Soccer wins on the horizon? Men’s soccer looks to upend Temple in a final home game at Manhattanville College, while women’s soccer clashes with Lafayette today.

Men at Barnard?! Wondering why so many dudes were hitting up Hewitt last night?

Latinx and proud: Latinx Heritage Month is alive and buzzin’ on campus. If only you had one place to tell you all the best events to hit up… oh, look!

Pro tip of the day

Get snacking: Are you too intellectually complex to delve into pumpkin spice what-nots and Halloween treats? We got you. We’ve scoured MoHi and the Upper West Side to find you our top 12 non-basic fall snacks. Happy munchin’.

Contest of the week

PSLs anyone? Win a Starbucks gift card by Snapchatting @CUspectrum your #fallaesthetics. (Ignore what we said about PSLs being too basic up there^^)

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Snapchat of the day

Don’t know if I’m more in awe of your Instagram street cred or the account’s great fork pun. Probably the latter, but well done, champ! (Also, charge your phone.)

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