Interviewing the dogs of MoHi

Our furry neighbors are a huge part of life here at Columbia.

From our canine guests playing on the lawns to the ones we encounter as we explore MoHi, the dogs around Morningside Heights are arguably some of the cutest around (I see you West Village dogs). Read on for profiles of some of our furry friends in MoHi.

Speaking of dogs, if you catch a glimpse of a pup, or a pigeon, or any other MoHi beast, send us a Snapchat @CUSpectrum by Thursday. Our favorite snapper will receive a $10 Amazon card. Details here.

This is Fisher

Screen Shot 2016-10-13 at 5.44.29 pm.png

Name Origin: When asked the origin of Fisher’s name, Professor Lo chuckled and said that it is a secret. The leading theory here at Spectrum is that Fisher was once a human fisherman turned into a dog by a witch.

Traits: While Fisher’s main hobby is eating, he can also be seen running around Columbia (despite his old dog-age).

Fisher’s turf: All over campus.

Fun fact: Fisher belongs to Columbia statistics professor, Shaw-Hwa Lo. Take his class so you can offer to dog-sit.

This is Milkshake

Screen Shot 2016-10-13 at 5.46.10 pm.png

Name Origin: Owner Stephanie Rudolf really loves milkshakes.

Traits: Kind, sociable, loves to dig.

Milkshake’s turf: All over MoHi and on Instagram @monster_milkshake. (She may or may not have more followers than you.)

Fun fact: Milkshake’s owner is in the process of certifying her as a service dog, after Milkshake helped Rudolf’s grandmother after a fall.

This is Bobo and Diamond

Screen Shot 2016-10-13 at 5.59.37 pm.png Screen Shot 2016-10-13 at 5.59.29 pm.png

Name Origin: While owners Georgie and Taeyang just liked the name Bobo, they took Diamond’s name from a similar-sounding Chinese phrase, which means clumsy and cute.

Traits: While Bobo is more excitable and affectionate, according to Taeyang, Diamond, “thinks he’s a cat.”

Bobo and Diamond turf: Upper West Side

Fun fact: These dogs are probably more fashionable than you will ever be. Both Bobo and Diamond were rocking fall sweaters during their walk.

This is Louis

Screen Shot 2016-10-13 at 6.07.37 pm.png

Name Origin: Though Louis’ sitter didn’t know the origin of his bud’s name, one can only speculate it comes from royalty. Perhaps it’s a nod to the late great King Louis XIV of France, or maybe his excellency Louis Tomlinson of One Direction.

Traits: Because he’s an elderly dog, Louis is hard of hearing and sight. However, he loves to play with his human friends and remains very calm and mellow.

Louis’ turf: Riverside Park and the streets of MoHi.

Fun fact: Because Louis is so mellow, he gets along great with the babies and toddlers at the park and can often be found in the playgrounds of MoHi parks.


Screen Shot 2016-10-13 at 6.11.08 pm.png

Name Origin: Penny gets her name from the character Grandpa PP Marshmallow in her owner Judith Greengus’, favourite children’s book.

Traits: According to Greengus, Penny is very, “un-doglike. She is a mix of a monkey and a squirrel.” Her owner noted that, because Penny is a rescue dog, it is quite possible that she is in fact half-monkey and half-squirrel. (A squirkey?)

Penny’s turf: Riverside Park and Morningside Park

Fun fact: Penny loves to run around, and, though she’s super independent, comes back to the sound of her owner’s voice.

Honorary mention: Nils, the Book Culture dog

Though Nils’ owner, Joan, could not be located for comment, Nils remains quite the celebrity around campus for frequent sightings of his white fluffiness at Book Culture. His cuteness has undoubtedly graced your Snapchat stories or your Instagram feeds.

Nils is perhaps one of the top attractions of MoHi, just beating out St. John the Divine and the Hungarian Pastry Shop. He makes frequent visits to Book Culture (as every well-educated dog does) and we can only hope to one day see Nils joining us in our classes. You can come too, Joan.

Know of more MoHi dogs that we didn't interview? Give them a shoutout down below in the comments or Snapchat us them @CUspectrum for a chance to win a $10 Amazon gift card.

Mariella Evangelista is a first-year at Barnard and a trainee Spectrum staff writer. She felt honored to write an article about cute, squishy creatures. Help her write a petition to her editor for the next article to be “Babies of MoHi.” She can be reached for dog pics and anything else at

All photos taken by Mariella for Spectrum.


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