Not another Snapchat story: Be featured on the New York Campus story

If you haven’t been getting your 10 seconds of fame from the Ivy League and Women’s College Campus Snapchat stories, there’s now the New York City Campus Snapchat Story at your disposal. Now students all over the city are sharing midterms stress, ways to make classes fun, and general NYC college silliness.

The fancy new snap banner, featuring Spectrum staffers showing off their NYC (and Cape Cod popcorn) pride. Not actually featured on the New York City Campus Story… yet. ;)

The new city-centric story comes equipped with yet another fancy flag banner, though only St. John’s University and Fordham University have made the cut when it comes to being featured so far.

Let’s face it: With regard to the Ivy League Snapchat story, Columbia has the most experience with social media dominance. We’re basically pros at showing we’re not as serious/stressed/on-the-verge-of-a-breakdown as people think.

NYU students will probably flaunt their hipster-ness, downtown-ness, and campus-less-ness in Washington Square Park. “Look at my amazing view!” their snaps shall shout.

Juilliard will obviously show off their performing arts talent and put us all to shame.

The Fashion Institute of Technology, The New School, and Parsons School of Design will make us feel aesthetically inferior. Fortunately, there’s a remedy to this: Enter one of our many Snapchat contests! If you want to step up your #aestheticgame, check out the winners of our Fall Aesthetic competition for some divine inspiration.

Who knows where the Snapchat campus story will turn next—New York Art School Story? The Entire Damn State Campus Story? New York High School Story? New York High School Musical Story? There are only a few snaps on the story thus far, so if you act quickly, you may finally get your claim to fame. Until then, our Snapchat @CUSpectrum will always love you, and you could always just get featured on our Friday Week in Snapchats series. #AtLeastYoureFamousOnSpectrum

Shulie Weinberg is a Barnard first-year and Spectrum staff trainee. She once was featured on the Chicago Snapchat story and is honestly really proud of that accomplishment. Reach her at to tell her you recognize her and that she was great.


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