Wake Up Call: When is it Ok to use the n-word? (10/20)



Columbia-themed Halloween costumes that are too real.

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Your 10/20 Wake Up Call

Homecoming. Midterms. So much failure in so little time. :')

Today's top stories

The n-word: When is it not OK for non-black students to use the n-word, even in academic spaces?

Sports for softies: To see why football’s become safer than ever, just look across the field to Dartmouth’s sideline this Homecoming weekend.

Food insecurity: Swipes and the emergency meal fund are trying to make a comeback. Here's what councils are changing this time around to make them better.

Columbia once won a game? Apparently. Here’s an oral history of Columbia football’s last Homecoming win, which happened to be against Dartmouth.

The gameplan: We haven’t won a homecoming game since 2000. Here’s how we’ll do it this year.

Arthouse/publishing house: An MFA student recreating the backroom of a printing press in her studio discusses being an artist in New York and other major world cities.

ONE World: A Barnard ’89 alum created a collection of photographs that highlights the importance of environmental activism.

Hello halal: You might recognize the halal carts on Morningside Heights as a community staple, do you know who runs them?

Unions = fair compensation? Maybe not: An engineering master’s student crunched the numbers behind the unionization debate and argues that Columbians don’t actually need unions to be compensated fairly.

Ball is life: A former Notre Dame student reflects on her culture shock of arriving on our not-so-athletically inclined campus for the first time.

Too old for Halloween? Not by Spectrum’s standards. Rank these Columbia-specific costumes. Which one best fits your school aesthetic?

Long-distance loss: Can you imagine mourning family loss and national tragedy 5,000 miles away?

Pro tip of the day

Brunch outta the bubble: The streets below 110th Street on Amsterdam Avenue boast some pretty awesome restaurants that barely anyone talks about. This weekend, grab a Homecoming bite at one of these omnonomnom eateries.

This week's contest

MoHi is bustling with cute animals, whether they’re pets, pigeons, or subway rats. Take yourself on an incentivized study break during the midterms crunch. Snap us a pic of a cute animal @CUspectrum. We’ll be giving the snapper of the most adorable beast a $10 Amazon gift card.


Football it up with T-Swizzle: Columbia’s Homecoming vs. Dartmouth is this weekend! Whether you’ll make it to the game or plan on celebrating from afar, get pumped for the weekend with these Homecoming-inspired tunes.

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