Week in Snapchats: "Let's put the bottle condom away"

This week’s been a roller coaster of emotions for everyone. You can feel the stress emanating from every Butler study room as midterm season hits its peak, the presidential debate left us all in shambles, Columbia got its own emojis, and NYC schools got their own Snapchat story. A whirlwind seven days of events, but how has that impacted us lil people?

It’s been a wild ride for everyone at Barnumbia for sure, but that didn’t stop all of you lovely peeps from sending us your faces or condoms (read on for context).

In order to keep the morale high before Homecoming this weekend, set aside a sliver of your precious time to procrastinate and watch Columbia students make bad choices. Take a break from studying (or eating, if you’re reading this during the Free Food Expo*), and delve into this campus debauchery…

*Don’t you love the shameless self-promos spread throughout? We’re classy like that.

Thank you for being one of our most famous #SpectrumCelebrities. Keep blessing us with your presence, and hopefully one day you’ll make big money from one of our contests.

@aliyaorali / via Snapchat

I need updates on the refrigerator situation. Did you get in trouble for having it be too big? Is it gone now? Did you use blood magic to hide it from your RA’s view? There are so many unanswered questions, and I’ll be sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for a response.

@shelbyloveskye / via Snapchat

I hope you didn’t let Ben ruin all the fun. Condoms are necessary for safe sex, but they’re also very useful for being immature af.

@anurak / via Snapchat

Don’t worry, Sam! You’re (probably) not the only roommate who had to get sexiled that night. You’re taking one for this basic bitch team, and we all love you for it.

@mariellaxoxo / via Snapchat

If anyone knows me, they know that I’m all about the aesthetic. I appreciate you for sending me pictures like this quenching my thirst. I’m an aesthetics hoe, what else can I say?

@dailyllama / via Snapchat

BABIES! This is probably the cutest cub on campus. I can already tell they’re gonna graduate with honors, probably be valedictorian, and finally get PrezBo to walk to campus. They’re gonna do great things while they’re here.

@angela.chong / via Snapchat

This is very fashion forward. I’m very impressed by this new look. This shouldn’t be kept as a secret anymore—show the entire world what you can do!

@slglovesthebee / via Snapchat

I couldn’t stop laughing at this snap. Be sure to read the winners of our most recent contest to see pussy grabbing back ;).

@laurahunter924 / via Snapchat

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*You probably won’t get really famous.

Huber Gonzalez is a Columbia College sophomore and Spectrum’s associate editor in charge of user-generated content. He also runs the Spectrum Snapchat, if you didn’t already pick up on that. Be sure to send him snaps—it will make him feel less lonely while he’s trapped in Butler studying for midterms. Reach him at or like... on Snapchat...



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