How well do you know the buildings off the beaten track? [QUIZ]


I’m about to drop a knowledge bomb on you, so brace yourself: There’s more to Columbia than what lies between John Jay and NoCo. To some, this may be shocking (and to those of you, I implore you to get out more—maybe get some non-dining hall food, for once), but many of you may have already acquainted yourselves with some of the Columbia buildings outside of the campus bubble. Test your knowledge of these beautiful New York edifices below.

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What’s your favorite building that none of your friends have any idea exists? Tell us in the comments down below!

Miles Greenspoon is a trainee Spectrum staff writer and a GS/JTS junior. Even though he is now knowledgable about all of Columbia’s buildings, he still gets lost on the way to his statistics class. To give him directions, you can reach him at or @mileshasjokes.


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