Top 10 comfiest campus sofas for your couch potato fantasies

Sick of your school-supplied desk chair? Looking for a comfier place to finish up midterm studying? (Or to cry when you see your grades?) Here are reviews of 10 couches from around campus to get you started.

The Diana Center

Pros: The couches are comfy, though so crowded that you might have to share with a stranger. Plus, they’re right next to Liz’s Place, so you can refill on coffee and snacks and stay there forever.

Cons: As evidenced by the picture, you’ll never find a seat.

Overall rating (out of 10): couch-and-lamp.pngcouch-and-lamp.pngcouch-and-lamp.pngcouch-and-lamp.pngcouch-and-lamp.pngcouch-and-lamp.pngcouch-and-lamp.pngcouch-and-lamp.png

Sulzberger Study Lounge

Pros: The lounge is open all night, so it’s nbd if you pass out on the couch.

Cons: The beige/gray color scheme of the room and the couch lack any sort of aesthetic appeal, and, suspiciously, I’ve never seen anyone actually sit on it.

Overall Rating: couch-and-lamp.pngcouch-and-lamp.pngcouch-and-lamp.pngcouch-and-lamp.pngcouch-and-lamp.png

Altschul, 6th Floor

Pros: Lower-than-average sofa quality, but it’s located near the biology department, so there are tons of things to look at if you get bored, as well as a great view of the river.

Cons: It’s right next to the elevators, and oddly squeaky, so avoid if you’re bothered by noise.

Overall Rating: couch-and-lamp.pngcouch-and-lamp.pngcouch-and-lamp.pngcouch-and-lamp.pngcouch-and-lamp.pngcouch-and-lamp.png

Brooks Lounge

Pros: The couches are so soft it’s like sinking into a pillow.

Cons: It takes a few tries to get back up. Also, you’ll need a BCID or a Barnardigan to sign you in.

Overall Rating: couch-and-lamp.pngcouch-and-lamp.pngcouch-and-lamp.pngcouch-and-lamp.pngcouch-and-lamp.pngcouch-and-lamp.pngcouch-and-lamp.pngcouch-and-lamp.png

Lerner Hall

Pros: Proximity to Ferris means readily available food.

Cons: Said food gets stuck on the couches, and then on you. Just don’t think too much about that unidentified sticky thing on your pants. You need to fight for a space at peak chowdown times.

Overall Rating: couch-and-lamp.pngcouch-and-lamp.pngcouch-and-lamp.pngcouch-and-lamp.png

JJ’s Place

Pros: It might be better known as a spot of late-night revelry, but JJ’s is remarkably calm on a Monday afternoon. Like everything else in there, the sofas are vaguely greasy, but otherwise comfortable.

Cons: Temptation to overdo it on the mozzarella sticks.

Overall Rating: couch-and-lamp.pngcouch-and-lamp.pngcouch-and-lamp.pngcouch-and-lamp.pngcouch-and-lamp.pngcouch-and-lamp.pngcouch-and-lamp.png

Butler Café

Pros: I found a dollar bill wedged behind a cushion.

Cons: Like in the rest of Butler, people leave their stuff there and disappear. (See if you can spot the abandoned seat above).

Overall Rating: couch-and-lamp.pngcouch-and-lamp.pngcouch-and-lamp.pngcouch-and-lamp.pngcouch-and-lamp.pngcouch-and-lamp.pngcouch-and-lamp.png

Altschul Lounge

Pros: Usually has free space.

Cons: Both couches have a weird antiseptic smell. Also, foosball temptation.

Overall Rating: couch-and-lamp.pngcouch-and-lamp.pngcouch-and-lamp.pngcouch-and-lamp.pngcouch-and-lamp.pngcouch-and-lamp.png

International Affairs Building Café

Pros: There’s a large variety of seating, from sophisticated leather desk chairs to soft, dark couches. Plus, cheap coffee from the café.

Cons: The couch comfort to distance-to-get-to-couch ratio is not ideal.

Overall Rating: couch-and-lamp.pngcouch-and-lamp.pngcouch-and-lamp.pngcouch-and-lamp.pngcouch-and-lamp.pngcouch-and-lamp.pngcouch-and-lamp.png

Altschul, 3rd Floor

A little way down this charming turquoise hallway of the environmental science department is the top-ranking couch of the list.

Pros: It’s worn-in and soft without being gross, and the cheery yellow wall and plant make the spot perfectly instagrammable if you’re better with a camera than I am.

Cons: While the sofa is open to anyone, it’s awkwardly situated right outside an office door, which can get uncomfortable when you end up overhearing a shouting match over a botched lab.

Overall Rating: couch-and-lamp.pngcouch-and-lamp.pngcouch-and-lamp.pngcouch-and-lamp.pngcouch-and-lamp.pngcouch-and-lamp.pngcouch-and-lamp.pngcouch-and-lamp.pngcouch-and-lamp.pngcouch-and-lamp.png

Know of a sofa that needs some love? Give it a shoutout in the comments, tweet us, or Snapchat us a pic @CUspectrum.

Ishya Verma is a Barnard first-year and a trainee Spectrum staff writer. She enjoyed her sedentary adventure writing this article and is now considering Professional Couch Tester as a career option. Email her at to tell her that’s a terrible idea.


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