Wake Up Call: Aziz Ansari's on campus today (10/25)



How the f*ck do you eat a pumpkin with almost zero equipment

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Your 10/25 Wake Up Call

Fun fact: only 10 days until fall break.

Today's top stories

Celebrity sighting: Aziz Ansari is on campus today filming on the set of Master of None. Snapchat Spectrum @CUspectrum if you catch a glimpse of the beautiful man.

STEM meets Athena: The Athena Scholars Program is looking at how to better address the needs of STEM students, who say that the program favors humanities and social science majors.

Union calls on students: As Barnard’s contingent faculty union continues to negotiate on a first contract with the college, members of the union called on students for support at an SGA meeting.

Internal affairs: Men’s tennis will play a rare Columbia versus Columbia doubles match at home on Tuesday in the ITA Northeast Regional Championship final.

Is Columbia colorblind? Columnist Daniella Greenbaum reflects on Martin Luther King’s vision of a “colorblind” society and questions if we’ve been able to bring it to Columbia.

More boredom, please: Columnist Nikita Singareddy defends “boredom” at Columbia—and makes the claim that we need more of it.

#BanTheBox: A Columbia alum responds to a recent op-ed about formerly incarcerated students and explains why Columbia needs to #BanTheBox.

Professors + unions: A Columbia professor responds to another professor’s op-ed about faculty’s role in the unionization debate.

Why we need the SRI: Suzanne Goldberg reminds students why the Sexual Respect Initiative requirement matters—and why they should finish it on time.

Falling in love: MFA student Charles Mee’s play “Summertime” explores the basis of human connection through metaphysical dialogues.

Video games: NOMAD's ‘username’ delved into virtual reality and Internet culture, all while underscored by a sober emotional core.

How the f*ck do you eat a pumpkin? Like this. Spectrum even made it dorm-friendly so you need minimal equipment and ingredients.

Campus trick-or-treating: We know each building has its own personality. So, what treats would they serve if we trick-or-treated next week?

Pro tip of the day

Need a comfy sofa? You have one at home, but where the hell can you snuggle down in an armchair on campus? Spectrum’s butts tested many—here are our faves.

This week's contest

The prize: A trick-or-treat goodie bag containing treats of your choice… oooh.
The challenge: Snapchat us the spooookiest MoHi phenomenon.

Today's events and opportunities

Columbia Women's Leadership Conference
Female leaders will dish their insights and experiences on Friday from 12 to 3 p.m in Roone Arledge Cinema. Don't miss out! (Lunch included.) Grab a ticket today!

Catch Aziz Ansari filming and consequently swoon
7 a.m. - 9 p.m. between West 104th and West 111th Street on both Broadway and West End Avenue

Islamophobia in American Politics
8 - 9:30 p.m. in Roone Arledge Cinema

Columbia vs. Columbia tennis
3 p.m. in the Bubble

Spectator's looking for designers!

Product designers are responsible for graphic design behind our website, apps, and digital features. They help us define the Spectator user experience, thinking about the manner in which Columbians interacts with our content and deciding on the best way to showcase our work—both journalistic and not.

Designers will be assigned to a Spectator product (such as The Shaft) for which they will create mockups and communicate with our tech teams to see their work come to life. No coding required, but some graphic design or artistic background is highly encouraged.

Snapchat of the day

Damn you, Spec photo team, for making the rest of Spec look bad.


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