Where to get the best bubble tea in and outside the MoHi bubble

On the West Coast we call it Boba, here on the East it’s bubble tea. But regardless whether you’re Team-Boba or Team-Bubble, the consensus everywhere is that it is delicious. If you’ve never had this magical milk/fruit tea drink with tapioca pearls on the bottom, you’re seriously missing out.

If you don’t want to shell out your own cash, Cafe East in Lerner is one of the places campus that’ll take dining dollars. If you want to venture a little out of the MoHi bubble (ha, see how that works out?), CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice on 72nd may be the spot for you.

Each spot has its own unique flavors, and it’s not just always tapioca pearls at the bottom! If you’re feeling especially ~adventurous~, mix it up and try lychee jelly or popping boba (like the ones they have at FroYo places).

No matter what you end up getting, have pride in the fact that you’re enjoying fall in a non-basic way by not getting a PSL.

Victoria Yang is a SEAS first-year and trainee Spectrum staff writer. She is the only person she knows who likes hot bubble tea. Reach her at


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