Pregame Playlist: Get psyched for Halloweekend

It’s Halloween weekend. Whether you’re making up half of an old/friendly Millie + new/scary Millie couples costume or trying to cook a damn pumpkin in your Schapiro kitchen, you’ll still need a killer (pun intended) pregame playlist to get you into the swing of the spooookies.


Haunted by Beyoncé

Nothing like the creepy, talking intro of a song to kick off a pregame. Also, everyone likes Beyoncé, apparently, so… here.

Until She Saves My Soul by the Fratellis

The title alone definitely gives some my-soul-is-being-taken-by-some-demonic-being (a.k.a. she-needs-to-save-me) vibes. Will my soul be saved, though? Who knows, mystery’s part of the spooky Halloween spirit.

She’s Not There by the Zombies

Chosen because a) Zombies = Halloween, and b) She’s Not There can kind of mean, like, ghosts? I secretly included this because I really like the Zombies, and I’m of the opinion that a retro throwback never hurt anyone. (Also the chorus is a good headbanging opportunity, which is always a plus.)

Bring Me To Life by Evanescence

Nothing like a throwback to those awkward sixth-grade days. Whether or not you were hella emo as a prepubescent dork, this jam still takes you back to your first attempt at applying liquid eyeliner and having feelings your parents just didn’t understand.

Time Warp from the Rocky Horror Picture Show

Fox released its revamped, 21st-century version with Laverne Cox, Victoria Justice, and Adam Lambert, but the oldie is still the ultimate goodie. Whether or not you’re catching CMTS’s production of Rocky this Halloween, it seems like this is the quintessential Halloween song to end things on. (Also if you’re pregaming a party, the reference to time being “fleeting” is a kind reminder that you’re probably late for your post-pregame engagement and need to leave.)

Want to write your own pregame playlist? Message us on Facebook with a theme and vouch for your awesome musical tastes.

Sophia Hotung is Spectrum’s editor and a Barnard junior. Making pregame playlists while eating Westside Market cookies is the highlight of her Wednesday evenings. Reach her at sophia.hotung@columbiaspectator.com to tell her to get a life.



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