Snap us your Halloween costume, and win an Amazon gift card

It’s finally Halloweekend! For all of you young hooligans, that means free candy, a little too much alcohol, and, most importantly, costumes galore.


"Oh that wouldn't have occurred to me. Hmmm..."

Whether you choose to make Barnumbia-related costumes is up to you, but I’m sure you’ll make sure the warmth-to-sexiness ratio perfect enough for this weekend (it’s gonna be chilly!).

In the spirit of Halloween, we wanna see the spookiest and most creative costumes imaginable. That might seem like a big request, but if you’re one of those people who have a different costume planned for each day (for those who don’t know, yes, those people exist), then that shouldn’t be a problem.

Also in the spirit of funding your costume, our fave Snapper will win a $10 Amazon gift card. (Kind of like a reimbursal for buying the costume in the first place.) What better way to celebrate the holiday than by showing your zest for thriftiness?

Want to enter and maybe win a $10 Amazon gift card? Snap us @CUSpectrum, scan the code below, or tag us on Instagram.

Spectrum holds a bunch of contests. Some give you money, some give fame and glory. Why not join in on the fun? Be sure to check out best animals on campus and best autumn aesthetic.

Huber Gonzalez is a Columbia College sophomore and Spectrum’s associate editor in charge of user-generated content. He still doesn’t have his costume planned out even though he needs one tonight. Reach him at to tell him how to create a costume using only the things in his room.

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