Week in Snapchats: Aziz, Homecoming, and lonely Halloween pregames

This week has had its fair share of surprises—from our football team winning Homecoming, to Aziz Ansari showing up, to Spec getting huge boxes of condoms. In the mix of it all, the Spectrum Snapchat story resurrected itself—rising like a dorky phoenix from the ashes—so check that out, too.

This past week has also been the time for Halloween prep, whether that means living up to your basic bitch pumpkin spice ways, trick-or-treating through midterms, or hyping yourself up with our weekly pregame playlist.

It’s been a fun-filled week for sure, but what do all of you have to say about it? Read on to see what your favorite #SpectrumFamous friends have to share.

Why are you partying when you have an essay due, Jorge? Most importantly, why wasn’t I invited to this pumpkin party? I thought we were friends… *cries*

@jorgeochoa1 / via Snapchat

Honestly, this is really disheartening, but at least you got some free bread at the end of the day. College is already so expensive—you gotta take whatever you can get.

@armanisw / via Snapchat

The jealousy is strong in my soul. (But srsly the whole day all I got were pics of Aziz and I couldn’t see him :’( )

@anajm / via Snapchat
Spec is always here to help. Whether that means providing a small care package for our fellow Speccies or helping you find the cheapest Boba*, we gotchu covered.
*Shamelessly self-promoting Spectrum articles is so easy I love it so much.
@dailyllama / via Snapchat

I don’t know what’s more exciting, the fact that we won Homecoming or that Pantsuit Day is an actual holiday. Either way, I hope you fully embraced the pantsuit aesthetic. Do it for Hillary.

@ahu419 / via Snapchat

Aw, look at you two. You’re so full of spirit and pep. Hopefully, our newly-formed winning streak will continue so you can keep that school spirit.

@jessicagmei / via Snapchat

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Huber Gonzalez is a Columbia College sophomore and Spectrum’s associate editor in charge of user-generated content. He also runs the Spectrum Snapchat, if you didn’t already pick up on that. Be sure to send him snaps—it will make him feel less lonely while he’s trapped in Butler studying for midterms. Reach him at or like... on Snapchat.


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