College Walk trees very excited to begin dressing up for Tree Lighting Ceremony

In the words of Joni Mitchell, “It's coming on Christmas. / They're cutting down trees.” Wait no. In the words of Spectrum, “It’s coming on [non-denominational winter holiday.] / They’re [dressing up] trees.”

While the majority of America only gets excited about Christmas the day after Thanksgiving, Columbia University’s Tree Lords of College Walk™ get buzzed the day after Halloween.

Just while we’re all stowing away our dress-up get-ups for another year, the University’s Tree Lords are whipping their fancy-pantsy lighties out.

“I’m so excited to get all glammed up again this year,” Arthur the arbor exclaimed in an exclusive interview, “We were watching everyone strut about in costumes for Halloweekend, and we were getting all jittery since we knew today would be our turn.”

Arthur going through hair and make-up this afternoon.

Arthur’s not the only tree ready to sparkle. Lucy Leafhead, planted down on the Amsterdam Avenue end of College Walk, has been working out all summer to prepare for the Christmas Tree Lighting in December. “The worst thing that can happen to you,” she explains, flexing a particularly illustrious branch, “is not being able to bear the weight of the lights. It seems easy when you look at us, but once we’re holding up snow and bulb ropes for sustained periods of time sans rest, it can leaf [sic.] you feeling like you should have worked out more bark [sic.] in May.”

While the process of dressing each tree will take a few days, we can expect to have these buds brightening up campus after fall break.

Sophia Hotung is Spectrum’s editor and a Barnard junior. Yes, she can talk to trees. Reach her at if you need her to act as a Succulent Whisperer to your dying dorm room plants.


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