#Democracy: YOU decide the winner of Spectrum's costume contest

Last week, we asked all of you creative lil lions to send us your costumes for Halloweekend. You all had very intriguing costumes, which varied from the hilariously creative to the absurd. And, just for some fun, here’s my costume from this past weekend. Not bragging, but I came second in the Spec costume contest out of 14 people. So… ;)

Oooh, would you look at that gorgeous Sim.

For some added fun, here’s the Spectrum staff picture of (most of) us in our costumes:


Normally with these types of contests, I use my years of experience and immense expertise to pick a winner. And while I’ve picked my personal favorites, the deliberations were so intense that Sophia and I got into an argument (we literally yelled at each other in the Spectrum office) deciding who should win.

So, in the spirit of election day weekend, we’ve (we = Sophia) decided to be democratic and have you all pick the winner. Since we got so many submissions, we’ve narrowed it down to our top 17. Be sure to vote up your favorites!



If the embeddd voting rankings aren't working for you, click here.

I still wanna go against Sophia and have my picks be the winners, but since I can’t, here’s what would have been...

Runner-up #5: Amanda Frame, CC ’19, Anna Alonso, CC ’18, and Jenna Beers, BC ’17, as the Adobe Creative Suite

You guys are so cute. Am I bitter that you beat me and stole first place in the costume contest we had? Yes, I really am—but to be fair, this is extremely cute.

(We should probably mention that these buds are respectively the deputy design editor for layout, the design editor, and head of photography… so yeah, we get it, you all like design software.)

Screen Shot 2016-11-04 at 12.47.45 AM.png
@awnachihuahua / via Snapchat

Runner-up #4: Kay Ferguson, BC ’18, as Eleven from “Stranger Things”

You’re gonna notice a slight trend in my favorite costumes, just be warned. This is a really good costume of Eleven. I got extremely happy when I saw it, and I’m even happier that you actually took an exam in this outfit. #CommittedToTheElevenAesthetic

@kaferguson / via Snapchat

Runner-up #3: Nicole Blackwood, BC ’20, as Eleven from “Stranger Things”

WOW. Yet another amazing Eleven costume. Don’t worry though, I can forgive the fact that you forgot your Eggos since you got the rest of the outfit down.

@nicole8808 / via Snapchat

Runner-up #2: Daniela Casalino, BC ’19, as the wall from “Stranger Things”

Did you notice the pattern yet? I love this costume so much, you absolutely have no idea. I’m actually considering stealing this idea for next year—hope you don’t mind.

@thedanielasofia / via Snapchat

Second Place: Jewel Britton, BC ’20, as a crazy cat lady

I actually laughed out loud when looking at this—it’s so funny and creative. The only thing missing is an actual cat, but maybe you can upgrade it throughout the next few Halloween seasons.

@jewelbritton / via Snapchat

Winner (in my heart): Claire Fry, CC ’19, as the deer Snapchat filter

As Spectrum’s Snapchat lord, you knew this would touch a part of my soul. Or is it the fact that both of our costumes are on our heads? Both are possibilities, but no one can deny that the makeup job is incredible. You really do look like the Snapchat filter, and it’s amazing.

@clairefry / via Snapchat

Thank you so much to everyone who submitted! It was really nice looking at your costumes and noticing how much more creative you all are than I am. I was only kind of ashamed.

Spectrum holds a bunch of contests. Some give you money, some give fame and glory. Why not join in on the fun? Be sure to check out spookiest things on campus and best animals on campus.

Huber Gonzalez is a Columbia College sophomore and Spectrum’s associate editor in charge of user-generated content. He’s very jealous of everyone else’s creativity and wishes he had the talent to create a more elaborate Halloween costume. Reach him at to give him costume tips or to compliment his Sims costume.


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