Wake Up Call: How has a Harvard scandal affected us this weekend? (11/4)



Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt on campus today

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Your 11/4 Wake Up Call

Happy fall break, ya nerds.

Today's top stories

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt on campus: Knox, Knox. Who’s there? Just Ellie Kemper and the gang filming on Claremont and 120th.

Harvard’s soccer scandal: Harvard canceled its men’s soccer season after a rather sexist scandal. But what will become of our game with their discontinued team this weekend?

Bye bye, bulletin board: Barnard’s French department has finally updated its course sign-up form to be online. It used to be on a bulletin board… in 2016. However. there are still a few hoops to jump through. :\

I can(’t) show you the world: Columnist Anna Raskind recommends that NSOP include New York orientation workshops to get peeps used to Big Apple lyf.

All the parties: The Columbia Political Union emphasizes its multipartisanship in a letter to the editor responding to an op-ed following the recent elections debate on campus.

We’re here too: The Columbia University Libertarians argue after campus’ elections debate that Spec’s coverage of parties beyond the Democrats and Republicans is lacking.

What is this campus?! Spec handing out condoms, cute hamsters, and watching guys watch lesbian porn… All in this week’s shame cycle that is your weekly Week in Snaps.

Pro tip of the day

Have your friends abandoned you this wknd? At least Spectrum’s still here to clue you in on all the best ways to spend fall break in the city.

WKND: Pregame Playlist

It’s election weekend (as if you could’ve forgotten). Perhaps you’re attending one of the lit viewing parties in your hometown or in MoHi. Regardless, get in the mood for the ~spectacular~ of the year with these tunes

Snapchat of the day

Don’t question genius. (Also, why didn’t we think of this to include in our “how to decorate your dorm Butler desk” article?)


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