Escape MoHi: The Breakfast at Tiffany's walking tour

This is a series with two functions: 1.) It’ll get you out of the MoHi bubble and into the city, and 2.) it’ll give you an excuse to watch movies and not study. Marisa Brown, BC ’17 and adventuring extraordinaire, presents Escape MoHi: Breakfast at Tiffany’s tour.

Midterms season is in full swing, and fall break is still too far away. Chances are you’ve been cooped up here in the MoHi bubble. It’s time to stretch your legs and get swanky with this week’s installment of Escape MoHi, Breakfast at Tiffany’s edition.

This movie has many, many things: manic pixie dream girl Holly (our girl Audrey Hepz), passive sentimental love interest Paul, his benefactress “2E,” an offensive Mickey Rooney, a gangster, and a nameless orange cat.

This is an East Side tour that can be easily completed in an afternoon. If you want to be glam like Audrey, you can take a couple modes of transportation to get around. If you want to be thrifty (like me), you can do a lot of walking and only use one subway fare.

If you haven’t watched the movie, beware of spoilers ahead! For best results, while reading, listen to the film’s dreamy signature song, “Moon River.”
2:30 p.m. Take the M4 to East 79th (about 30-40 mins). Head into Central Park and walk south to reach destination number one.
1. Conservatory Water, Central Park Pro-tip: Sailboats are good for pondering. See Central Park Sad Boi for reference.

3:00 p.m. In the film, Paul/Fred stops here as he’s trying to figure out who the mystery lurking guy is outside of his apartment and why he’s being watched and followed. Mystery Lurking Guy is not so subtle (to be continued).

In the film, it seems as if Paul travels great distances to avoid MLG (mystery lurking guy). In reality, it takes about five minutes to get to Naumburg Bandshell, you’ll just need to head a bit farther west into the park. After you’ve reached the Bethesda Fountain/Terrace, head south towards the Bandshell.

2.  The Naumburg Bandshell, Central Park

3:45 p.m. This is where MLG (see above if you’re skimming and are like, “wtf is that”) reveals his true identity, and it’s half anti-climatic/half disturbing. It turns out he’s Holly’s husband, Doc Golightly, and that Holly is really Lula Mae Barnes of Tulip, Texas, and she married him when she was 13. Plot twist. Paul’s cool with it all, btw.

Next stop is a key location in the film. Head out of the park and over to Lexington.

3. 169 East 71st Street

4:00 p.m. This is it, guys! Home of Holly, Paul, Mr. Yunioshi, and “Cat.” This was an exciting moment. About 77 percent of the film takes place here (although really it takes place on a set because this location was only used for exteriors).

Our next stop is Tiffany’s, so now’s your chance to get breakfast! I’m a big believer in breakfast, so even though I had already had two cups of coffee and a ginormous chocolate-y crepe just before setting out, I didn’t dare arrive at Tiffany’s empty-handed.

I recommend stopping at Oren’s on 71st: It’s on the same block as Holly’s place, and you’ll pass it on the way back to Fifth Avenue.
4. Tiffany & Co.

Here’s a lopsided photo. What matters is that this counts as breakfast and that I brought it to Tiffany’s.
4:20 p.m. You’ve got a couple of transportation options for getting to Tiffany’s. I recommend saving your swipes and walking from 71st to 57th Street. Alternately, take an Uber or cab so you can pull up with your pastries in style.
Holly heads here whenever she’s got the “mean reds,” which she describes as feeling afraid, but not being sure why. I’m afraid about the Classical Myth midterm that I haven’t started studying for. Not exactly the “mean reds,” but the sentiment and need for pastries is the same.
5. The New York Public Library

4:35 p.m. After you’ve stopped at Tiffany’s, keep heading south on Fifth Avenue until you reach the New York Public Library and Bryant Park.

The NYPL pops up a couple times in the film: Paul and Holly visit during their fun day of trying out new things like stealing and vandalism! The dynamic duo visits the NYPL to find Paul’s book, autograph it, and thoroughly confuse some poor librarian.

Paul later returns to find an M.I.A. Holly, but not before ambushing some unfortunate woman outside the library whom he mistakes for Holly. He finds the real Holly inside brushing up on Brazilian culture, and then professes his love.

Way to go, Paul.

When you’ve had enough of this tour, walk two blocks over to Grand Central and take the shuttle to Times Square (this counts as a transfer, and you won’t need to swipe again to take the 1). Head home to MoHi.

Final thoughts: Walking is strongly advised. It’ll save you some bucks, and also you’ll stumble upon some delightful things:

Exhibit A:

Why, Hozier, why???

Exhibit B

En route to NYPL. See if you can spot the man campaigning against Trump with the poop emoji hat. I also spotted a man campaigning for Trump with a “Make America Great Again” hat. What a pair. Trump Tower is hopping. Is it too soon to point and laugh?

Marisa Brown is a Spectrum staff writer and Barnard senior. She thinks Holly should name her cat Rusty Trawler. Feel free to send along your cat-naming and other B@T’s opinions to

All photos courtesy of me. All gifs courtesy of


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