Wake Up Call: Former wrestling coach speaks out against the team's group messages (11/14)


Your best study spot in Butler—discovered!

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Your 11/14 Wake Up Call

Protesters will make their stand against the wrestlers tonight.

Today's top stories

Your new study spot? Opportunities for space in the campus’s ugliest building’s library and post-election midterm flexibility—David Madigan, Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, tells all about Uris.

Coach vs. wrestlers: Former wrestling coach Hudson Taylor shares his thoughts on the CU wrestling program after the senior class’ messages were discovered.

Ending the 20-year drought: Men’s soccer won the championship against Cornell! Sports breaks it down in a flashy minute-by-minute report.

Trump dump: Protests against Donald Trump continued throughout the weekend, reflecting a shift in mood from initial shock to despair.

Notes pay the bills: Barnard ODS now pays its student note takers $100 per course in a semester. Pretty good considering it used to be voluntary.

1 in 5: 20 percent of Barnard students reported experiencing some form of sexual assault in the past 12 months, according to the results of the 2016 campus climate survey.

Can’t organize your life? These Speccies (barely) can (either). Cast your vote as they argue over using bullet journals, Google Calendar, or winging it to manage their time and be “productive.”

Channel your inner Hepburn: Feeling trapped in the MoHi bubble? Get out and explore the Upper East Side with this Breakfast at Tiffany’s walking tour.

Improv wild nights: Fruit-people in a blender, a Russian bathhouse ghost dance, blue manta rays—wtf went down at Third Wheel’s Spare Tires Improv Festival?!

Movin’ + groovin’: Black female musicians empowered and rejuvenated Event Oval crowds after an emotionally exhausting week at Barnard’s 'Bold Brilliant Beats.'

First of (hopefully) many: Head coach Megan Griffith leads women’s basketball team to its first victory of the season over Richmond. 

Grading the student teacher: Another student teacher responded positively to Daniel Bergerson’s column about being a student teacher. He gave Daniel an A+.

Blame the Democrats? Discourse expert Adil Mughal considers the Democratic Party’s role in the 2016 presidential election and why its disorganization and failures led to Trump’s victory.

#BantheBox: Leyla Martinez, founder of Ban the Box, reflects on eradicating the stigma surrounding formerly incarcerated students.

Pro tip of the day

Navigatin’ the But: Need some help finding the perfect study space in the But? We gotchu.

This week's contest

At this point in the semester, you’ve probably stopped paying attention to basic hygiene and cleanliness, especially in your dorm room. We’ve decided to give you one advantage to living in squalor.

Win a Muji goodies gift package for snapping us pics of your disgusting hovel.

Events and opportunities

Protest: ‘Holding men’s athletics accountable’
10 p.m. on Low Plaza

Discussion: ‘The results of the 2016 presidential election’
9 to 10 p.m. in Lerner 569

Workshop: ‘How Did Trump Win & How to Fight Him?’
9 to 10 p.m. outside Hamilton Hall

Discussion: ‘ROOTEd: Now What? Space for post-election reflections’
9 to 10:30 p.m. at Intercultural Resource Center (114th and Broadway)

Discussion: Multicultural International Student Club presents ‘Solidarity’
8 to 9 p.m. in 501 Diana

Panel discussion: ‘America’s Future in the Middle East’
8 to 9:15 p.m. in 702 Hamilton

Columbia Mentoring Initiative’s Mentor Monday
5 to 7 p.m. in the Multicultural Affairs Building 

Info session: ‘FLIP the Job Search’
8 to 9 p.m. in 315 Hamilton

Film screening: ‘She Started It'
8 to 9:30 p.m. in 614 Schermerhorn 

Fundraiser: She’s the First November bake sale
11 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the Diana Center lobby

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The flower crown is still better. Consider yourself #dragged.


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