You decide: Who should be Barnard's next president?

Election day came and went, so you might have thought that we were done choosing presidents. Think again. On Wednesday morning, Barnard President Debora Spar announced her resignation in a campuswide email, to some dismay.

DSpar will be leaving next semester to become the first female president and CEO of the Lincoln Center, so come March 5, Barnard will need a new president. Don’t fret, though; we’ve got some ideas for her replacement.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

She already has a cool nickname (The Notorious RBG—dare we say it’s better than DSpar?), and something tells us she’s been experiencing some frustration at work. If she’s looking for a career switch, perhaps this Columbia student with connections to the Supreme Court will be able to help land her an interview in MoHi.

Millie the Dancing Bear

Much like Debora herself admitted to doing in her controversial New York Times op-ed, Millie recently traded in her look for a new, more youthful vibe. Still, the Dancing Bear is as beloved as ever. Maybe her newfound youth will even reinvigorate the other wilting campus icon, Maggie the Magnolia.

Gloria Steinem

She’s already best buds with DSpar, as evidenced by the article they wrote together, so Spar can show her the ropes before she takes off down Broadway. And the last time Steinem visited campus in 2012, she brought along another star: none other than Oprah Winfrey herself. If she becomes our president, who knows which other stars will grace Barnard’s campus?

Aziz Ansari

He’s a self-declared feminist (a Barnard must), and he’s been lurking around campus recently (we see you, Aziz). Plus, he’ll have some time on his hands once Master of None is done filming season 2.


We think you’ll fit right in.

Michelle Obama

We’ve speculated about what Obama might do if he returns to his roots at Columbia, but Michelle’s not one to sit around. The role of Barnard president would be perfect, and so many people on Overheard @ Barnard seem to be on board. (One post that suggests this already has over 500 likes.)

Hillary Clinton

Because she should at least be the president of something. Plus, as Barnard’s commencement speaker in 2009, she already knows all about campus.



Best wishes, DSpar! And just remember: Since Lincoln Center’s only a short 60 blocks away, don’t think you’ve heard the last from us.

Did we miss any candidate for Barnard’s new prez? Let us know in the comments, on Twitter, or on Snapchat @CUSpectrum.

Ishya Verma is a Spectrum staff writer and, after having voted, thinks she knows a thing or two about choosing presidents. That said, if you have any better suggestions, let her know at so she can take credit.

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