Draw us a Snapchat masterpiece, win a free Muji gift bag

Calling all ~artistes~ of Barnumbia! Want fame and notoriety? Have the rainbow emoji trophy on Snapchat? Don’t know what to do with yourself now that midterms are over?

We challenge you to take a Snap and draw shit (not literally, you hooligans) all over it. Make the most out of the app’s numerous features designed to beautify your Snapchats. The possibilities are truly endless, and since you have a bunch of time to kill sans midterms, hopefully you can create a masterpiece as magical as these two images.


Guacamole! Guac-Guac-amole! #Snapchat

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Image courtesy of me, Huber Gonzalez.
Since I’m currently taking Art Hum, my extensive experience as an art critic and art historian makes me the best judge for this contest. This means your masterpieces will be subject to major critical analysis and analytical critique galore (*sounds of awe in the distance*).
What will the winner of this art showcase receive? Muji pens (shocking, I know) for all of your arting habits.
Quick side note though: As cool as the drawings above are, by no means do you have to be Picasso to enter. Send a Snap of yourself sliding into the DMs, wearing a crown, or next to a ghost. You can send doodle of a dick if you truly wish (please don’t, though), because we love and support you all. :)
Want to enter and maybe win some aesthetically pleasing pens? Snap us @CUSpectrum, scan the code below, or tag us on Instagram.

Spectrum holds a bunch of contests. Some give you Muji, some give fame and glory. Why not join in on the fun? Be sure to check out Election Day Snaps, best Halloween costumes, and dirtiest rooms on campus.

Huber Gonzalez is a Columbia College sophomore and Spectrum’s associate editor in charge of user-generated content. He created the masterpiece you see up above and has created several more. Reach him at to request to see even more artistic creations.


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