Lost and lonely: Your guide to Thanksgiving when you’re away from home

So you’re alone for Thanksgiving. Fortunately for you, no matter how abandoned campus is,  the city will always be full of things to do.


Dedicate Thanksgiving to others, and serve food to those less fortunate than you at a church or soup kitchen. (Be warned, it’s the most popular volunteer day of the year, so, as with everything else in the city, you’ll have to compete for a spot.) Here are some places to check out near MoHi.


Get started early on your Black Friday shopping, and make friends with the store employees. Chains like Macy’s will be open starting at 3 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day. Shop some sales downtown on Friday for a unique shopping experience.


We all know stuffing yourself is the real point of Thanksgiving. If you’re too lazy to cook, try these potato chips that offer flavors like stuffing, turkey and gravy, and—for dessert—pumpkin pie, for a well-balanced meal.

Or, head to West Village for an epic Shake Shack-Big Gay Ice Cream mash up: Shake Shack’s pumpkin custard meets Big Gay’s eggnog soft-serve.

If you’ve got some cash to spare ($175, to be exact), grab a ticket to dinner at The Beard House. The food, cooked by some of the top chefs in America, is bound to be better than what you’ll get at home.

While your friends are eating dry turkey and ignoring the suspicious-looking cranberry sauce at home, you can feast on pan-seared halibut atop jumbo lump crabcakes with quick-pickled mustard seed and julienned vegetables. Who needs family, anyway?


Settle in for some T-giving-themed TV. I recommend A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, but Netflix is also releasing its first revival episode of Gilmore Girls at 3 a.m. on Black Friday. If you’re missing your pets, you can still get your dose of cute n’ cuddly with videos of tiny hamsters eating tiny Thanksgiving foods.

Get the traditional experience

Still dying for a taste of that traditional, family-style holiday? If all else fails, try staring longingly into someone’s window. Channel those puppy dog eyes, and they might just let you in. Or, at the very least, not call the cops.

It doesn’t have to come to that—CC and SEAS students can still get a free Thanksgiving lunch on Nov. 24. Just remember to RSVP!

Got any other ideas for solo Thanksgiving fun? Leave a comment, Tweet us, or send us a Snap @CUSpectrum.

Ishya Verma is a Barnard first-year and Spectrum staff writer. She’s tempted to stay in the city solely for Shake Shack’s pumpkin custard. Let her know if you can save her some at


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