Week in Snapchats: Sexual chemists and freezing party-goers

Thanksgiving is finally tomorrow. New York had its first snowfall. Midterms are finally coming to an end (LOL JK never). Meanwhile, there’s a caged dog in a dorm; SEAS wizards are being extra (as usual); and we got sent real, live photographic evidence of snow. And with that ~*foreshadowing*~, let’s get into this installation of Week in Snapchats...

l2Sqj6Ohto3SOOsco.gif And that’s what you missed on Glee this week.

HUDSON*. HE’S SO CUTE. Jon Carlo, why don’t you ever let Hudson out of this cage? He looks slightly stressed. Set him free. How would you like it if someone locked you in Butler and wouldn’t let you leave? Oh wait jk you do that to yourself anyway. Then again, I’m gonna assume you take great care of this lil pup.

* Hudson is one of the winners from the Spectrum animal competition.

@jon2397 / via Snapchat

We can’t really judge you for not being prepped for the snow. It was a shock to us too. We hope you didn’t completely freeze, though.

@kateuri / via Snapchat

This is what we call Spec-worthy news. We’re glad Columbia’s masterminds are able to use their skills for tackling the near impossible. Side note: Why don’t you just crumple up the bag like us ruffians? This is so extra.

@gubblebum / via Snapchat
Just looking at this image makes me wanna cry. This is like a sadder version of Netflix and chill. Be careful though, the 5 Hour Energy and Starbz combo is definitely not chill. :,(
@sufyanak / via Snapchat
Nah. Sorry, fam. Context for those who don’t know: Turkeyshoots is a Spec term for the application process all members need to go through in order to remain on staff for the following calendar year.
@kaatj513 / via Snapchat

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Huber Gonzalez is a Columbia College sophomore and Spectrum’s associate editor in charge of user-generated content. He also runs the Spectrum Snapchat, if you hadn’t already picked up on that. Be sure to send him snaps—it distracts him from all of the work he has to do. Reach him at or like... on Snapchat.


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