Barnard and NYU fashion brand PussyWeed hits campus

What do you get when you combine drugs, genitals, fashion, and feminists? PussyWeed... duh.

Ava Kingsley and Natasha Przedborski, both BC ’17, launched the fashion brand early this September with NYU buds. The company aims to get you “screaming your feminism from the rooftops.”

The online store sells $15 tees, $20 totes, and $1 stickers, making the brand’s swag perfect Christmas gift material for the unabashed feminist in your life. While the designs might be a tad risqué, you can always tell your grandma that the “maple leaves” are floating on a river, or that a “palm tree” is stuck between two squiggly walls.

The brand is careful to address some understandable concerns on its website, clarifying that it does not in fact sell drugs, and that the pussyless may also wear its products.

Ishya Verma is a Barnard first-year and Spectrum staff writer. Unfortunately, she will not be buying her grandma a PussyWeed T-shirt. Reach her at to berate her.



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