Instaworthy: Caption your Tree Lighting photos like a pro

Some people start celebrating the holidays the minute after Halloween. The more sensible ones wait until Black Friday. At Columbia, we have the Tree Lighting Ceremony, an age-old (well, circa 1998) tradition to get us in the spirit.

Whether you love or hate tradition, it’ll be hard to avoid the ceremony Thursday evening, considering how photogenic the trees look when they get dressed up all nice n’ pretty. Your friends’ Snapchat and Instagram photos will start to look the same after a while, so make sure yours will stand out with a saucy setup and caption.

Here’s how we think your Snapchat and Instagram will look after Thursday night.

Artsy fartsy

You’re that person who overanalyzes the statues that loiter around campus; of course your Instagram grid will be ten levels of (annoying, yet still envious) aestheticism. Complete with a Lit Hum quote discussed in today’s class, your photo might be typical and expected, but there’s something comforting in sticking to what you know.

On the outside looking in

When you registered for classes back in September, you were willing to take pretty much any class over that 8:40 a.m. alternative. Unfortunately, that means that you’re now stuck in a 6:10 p.m. T/R class on the seventh floor of Hamilton. You might be missing the event, but at least the view isn’t bad.


Perhaps you’re a jaded upperclassman, or maybe you’re a first-year whose holiday spirit has been tempered by term papers and mandatory participation. Not only are you not excited for the Tree Lighting, you need to make sure that everyone knows that you’re just too cool for this.

Home sweet squad

You were 100 percent terrified that you wouldn’t make any friends at college, so the fact that these fools are standing next to you now is kind of a big deal. You’re so shook that you have to make a cheesy holiday-feelsy post about it.

CU later, CU

They say there’s no place like home for the holidays, but Spar’s still decided to leave us. Unless you are also planning on quitting college in March (which, depending on how those finals go, might be a real possibility), this post might not be completely applicable.

Regardless of whether you think the holidays are humbug or not, you should still enjoy the event—it’s the last thing before finals season ~officially~ begins.

Have good ways to entertain yourself in the hot cocoa line? Planning to snap some pictures? Send them to us on Facebook, Twitter, or Snapchat @CUSpectrum.
Veronica Grace Taleon is Spectrum’s deputy editor and a Barnard sophomore. Last year she was “on the outside looking in,” so she’s v. excited for her first Tree Lighting. Reach her at
All illustrations by Alison Li, Staff Illustrator.


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