New York Post covers Barnard's "really awkward" guest policy

Hooking up is awkward at Barnard. So awkward, in fact, that the New York Post wrote a story about it.

“Red-faced students at a posh women-only* college in Manhattan are fed up with a rule that forces them into an embarrassing walk of shame every time they get frisky with a hot date in their dorm.” (Though technically, it’s really the hot date doing the walk of shame—the Barnardigans are just the helpful sidekicks.)

*But not really.


She needs to be signed out.

After enlightening the larger NYC community about a controversy so far confined to the upper reaches of Broadway, the article referenced the annual SGA Desserts after Dark survey. Turns out over 71 percent of students disagree with Barnard’s sign-in policy.

The Post also mentions Barnard’s “super judgy” guards, who keep “an official record of what may have been a night spent more than studying.” According to the article, the guards treat students “like children,” and those on their “naughty list” (whatever that is) even risk receiving violations for their naughty behavior. Their sources come from three whole anecdotes, so you know it’s not a generalization.

Got your own thoughts about Barnard’s guest policy and how it is enforced? Leave a comment down below, and let us know.

Ishya Verma is a Barnard first-year and Spectrum staff writer. Her walks of shame are the 1 a.m. ones back from JJ’s. Reach her at

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