Wake Up Call: Study spots for loners and criers this finals season (12/6)




SHARP is the first Columbia a cappella group to release a profesh music video. Have you seen it?

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Your 12/6 Wake Up Call

Catch Nate Silver on campus today.

Today's top stories

Sound smarter in your essays: Make your essays more ~bombastic~ with these intelligent-sounding words.

Messthetic: It’s hard to notice a change in dorm cleanliness when the mess takes over gradually, but when compared side by side? You’re in for a harsh reality check.

Upstaging Zayn+Miguel: SHARP became Columbia’s first a cappella group to release a professional music video.

St. A’s concert: In its first performance in over three years, Columbia New Music performed at St. A’s and shook the hallowed halls with original compositions and improv pieces.

Pinning down the competition: It was a tough match for Columbia’s wrestlers, but read about standouts Tyrel White and Garrett Ryan in this recap.

Dance gets diverse: Orchesis’ fall production brought together performers of all skill levels, music genres, and styles. Here’s how they made it all work cohesively...

Unconvinced: Remember Provost Coatsworth’s op-ed? International graduate students aren’t buying it. The group explains how the United Automobile Workers have helped fight for their needs—needs that include green cards and affordable insurance.

Liszt IRL: You’ve listened to Liszt in Music Hum, but what about in real life from a Columbia/Juilliard exchange pianist? Meet Tiffany Poon, La Campanella performer and extraordinare in all things musical.

Diving into victory: The men’s swimming team enjoyed plenty of success this past weekend. Where did they place as a team, as individuals, and on the 3-meter dive?

Pro tip of the day

Solitary spots to study (and cry): Study sessions? More like sob sessions. Here are some quiet places to do some last-minute finals cramming and/or cry about everything you still don’t know.


This week’s competition: Sell out your roommate or suitemates for Muji. Tbh your living situation has probably led to some outrageous stories by now. Spill the jelly beans by confessing your wildest room- or suitemate-related escapade.

Events and opportunities

Check out Spectrum's Study Break Master Calendar to find one that works for your schedule.

Talk: Nate Silver and CU faculty discuss Election 2016
5 - 7 p.m. in Low

Q&A: Early MBA Admissions Secrets
7:30 - 9:30 p.m. in Lerner 569

Study Break: TLC Rising
11 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. Milbank Courtyard

Snapchat of the day

*glances around nervously*

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