[BINGO] Finals start tomorrow: How shitty can they be?

Guess what starts tomorrow? Do endless nights of sleep deprivation, 1 a.m. coffee runs, and the constant state of terror ring any bells? Yup—looks like finals season has arrived.

There are a number of shitty things to experience during this trying time, so Spectrum has created a second edition of Shitty Bingo™, Finals Edition! To keep up with the series and get a good ol’ chuckle, follow up this article by playing Shitty Semester Bingo™.

Without further ado, here’s Shitty Finals Bingo, the only game you can win by being shitty.

Graphic by Natalie Vibhagool / Staff Designer

Before you know it, finals will be over, and you can burn those study guides and take a three-week breather.

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Isabella Monaco is a Barnard College freshman and a Spectrum staff writer. This is her first finals season, and she still has a freshman’s optimism. Wish her luck at​



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