Chutes and Ladders: Finals Week Edition

At this point in the semester, all you want is work to be over. If you’re looking to waste a few more minutes away, we have a procrastination tool for you*. Relieve some stress with a (Columbia-themed) throwback to your childhood: the beloved board game Chutes and Ladders.

*Another procrastination tool to peruse: Shitty Semester Bingo.

For anyone who hasn’t played before: You’ll need a die, or you can just shout out random numbers. Zig zag up the board—your goal is to make it through finals and get to winter break.

If you land on a square at the bottom of a ladder, you’ve done something right, like snagging a seat at Butler. You get to climb up the ladder and get one step closer to the end of the semester. Find yourself at the top of a chute, however, and you’ll have to slide all the way back down.

Graphic by Kevin Ledee / Staff Designer

Did you make it to winter break? Don’t worry if you didn’t—in real life it’ll come around eventually no matter what you do.

Ishya Verma is a Barnard first-year and Spectrum staff writer. She tested out this game and went down an embarrassing number of chutes. Reach her at to commiserate.


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