Spectrum Editor’s final farewell: All the finals resources you need


It’s the end.

And that’s probably a relief.

Or at least it would be if you didn’t have those six papers, five finals, four Secret Santas, three French hens, two turtle doves, and a partridge in a pear tree.

As you end your semester as a meme-resenting/meme-obsessed procrastination lord and I end my year as Spectrum’s editor, I’d like to offer as a parting gift: a collection of finals-related content to get you through reading week and final exams.

Spectrum’s mission during my tenure has been to ensure that Columbia and Barnard students survive and thrive (cheesy, I know) at college. We’ve done this through both our products and our content. In that spirit—as my last shebang—all these resources (minus Procrastination Central™; that was just in case you wanted a cheeky giggle) are aimed to support you, your success, and your health throughout finals season. We’ll continue to add to this list as we publish more articles.

Good luck and happy holidays,

Sophia Hotung

140th Spectrum Editor

Studying stuff Self-care n’ lifestyle stuff
  • Study breaks: We’re keeping an up-to-date master calendar of all study breaks going on across campus. Check it out, and if you see some missing, Facebook message us.

  • Claim that Butler table: There is a realistic way to alter your sleep schedule to ensure that you have your first pick of Butler seats. Newly crowned Deputy Spectrum Editor Huber Gonzalez (whom you may know from Snapchat) and I will be doing it. If you spot us, we can seat grab in solidarity.

  • Get your task management in order: Three Spectrumites go head to head re: the pros and cons of paper organization, techy organization, and winging it. If you’re in a study management mess, procrastinate productively with this oldie but goodie.

Holiday stuff
  • Columbia bookstore last-minute grabs: You forgot to order your Christmas gifts in time to pick ’em up from Wien and take ’em home. Raiding the Columbia University Bookstore isn’t a bad alternative, though. We found presents for all your family member archetypes.

  • Obscure MoHi shops with kickass gifts (all under $15): Make sure your Secret Santa doesn’t feel like an afterthought. Seriously, everyone loves hot sauce socks and Obama finger puppets.

Procrastination Central™
  • Finals season BINGO: Chances are that you’ll win… easily.

  • How to fill out that word count: Smart-sounding words and how to use them—we’ll take you on a tour of your professor’s cerebral essay buzzword orgy land to get you up to that meager 1,500 word count.

  • During these stressful days, make time for some fun: Who knew that campus traditions and events would be a prime time to make a move on your desired cuffing bae? Try out these pickup lines at Orgo Night, Midnight Breakfast, and other finals season traditions.

  • Mark your territory: Decorate your Butler desk, protect your library real estate, never actually get any studying done… heh.

  • Chutes and Ladders—finals edition: Nothing like a board game to keep you from doing your work. Nothing like a board game about you to keep you from doing anything.


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