Wake Up Call: Will Trump’s presidency impact how professors approach class discussions? (1/18)

Fulfill your resolutions—use Dodge to your advantage.
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Your 1/18 Wake Up Call

It's only day two, but the weekend is almost here!

Today's top stories

Discussing Trump: Trump is a red-hot discussion topic, but how will professors handle the conversation in the classroom? Most say that despite the controversial nature of his future presidency, they want to be open to all viewpoints in class.

Is it too soon to think about housing? Not if you want to live in a Special Interest Community. Here’s the rundown on how to apply and how to find the best one for you (from a real-life SIC dweller).

Dodging Dodge? No excuse for you to ignore your fitness resolutions now. If you’re looking to pump some iron this semester, we’ve got the down and dirty on signing up for gym equipment, getting free fitness classes, and much more.

Winning in the weekend: The men’s tennis team claimed the MLK Invitational doubles title this past weekend by winning three tough matches against Georgia Tech, Georgia, and Illinois.

A mythical beginning: There’s nothing mythical about the potential success of this student-run magazine. Dive deep into the story of Mythos and its creator, who used her experiences in the fashion industry to inspire the magazine’s creation.

Pro tip of the day

Maybe you’re looking for an internship: Have you tried looking for a spring break opportunity? We might have some suggestions for you. Here are the whats, whys, whens, whos, and hows of applying.

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Already?? It's only the first day of classes. :'( (But like soup, you've got plenty of time to ~cool~ down.)

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