Greekin' Out: Breaking down Columbia's six Panhellenic sororities

Greekin’ Out is a series designed to inform and advise all Barnumbians interested in joining Greek Life. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be producing content aimed to answer all G(r)eeky questions, but if you think we missed something, email your inquiries to, and we’ll get on it ASAP.

If you’re not involved in or currently making a bid for Greek life, you may not know that formal Panhellenic sorority recruitment commences this coming Thursday.

That means for all PNMs (that’s potential new members, for those not yet Greeky enough), the next few days may be filled with much anxiety surrounding recruitment: What should you expect from development day, what should you wear, and how will you even be able to distinguish each sorority from the next?

Fortunately for you, we here at Spectrum are just Greeky enough (milking this pun as much we can, as you can see) to lend a helping hand.

There are six sororities that currently make up the National Panhellenic Conference (or Panhel, again for the n00bs) at Columbia, and each one is slightly different from the next: Alpha Chi Omega, Alpha Omicron Pi, Delta Gamma, Gamma Phi Beta, Kappa Alpha Theta, and Sigma Delta Tau.

Amanda Frame / Design Editor

Interested in learning more about your sorority of choice? Here's what's been happening in the news:

Alpha Chi Omega

Alpha Omicron Pi

Delta Gamma

Gamma Phi Beta

Kappa Alpha Theta

Sigma Delta Tau

Any advice for those currently making a bid for Greek Life? Send it to us on Facebook, Twitter, or Snapchat @CUSpectrum.

Veronica Grace Taleon is Spectrum’s editor and a Barnard sophomore. She’s not in Greek Life, so the appropriate adjective to describe her is plain ol’ “geeky,” not “Greeky.” Nevertheless, she enjoyed researching this article. Reach her at


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