Wake Up Call: How should we remember Obama, especially as a Columbia student and black leader? (1/20)


Thinking about rushing? Greek out and find the best sorority for you.
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Your 1/20 Wake Up Call

It's inauguration day. At 12 p.m., we'll have a new president.

Today's top stories

Thanks, Obama: With the Obama era officially at its end, now would be a good time to look back and reflect on his legacy as a Columbia student and black leader. In this Scope, students reflect on how Obama’s presidency shaped their lives.

Got housing on the mind? Dreading the housing lottery? Here’s the rundown on how to apply to live in the Living Learning Center.

Presidential qualities: What do people look for in a president? According to Barnard, they should have an interest in academia and fundraising, and reflect the college’s core values. But what if the four-to-six month search period isn’t long enough?

Greekin’ out: Sorority recruitment begins next week, so first thing’s first: figuring out which sorority is your numero uno. Here’s a bit of info on each of the Panhel sororities to inform your decision.

Approaching the final dive: Our women’s swimming and diving team is pretty good—they happened to have won three meets in a row. This weekend they'll face a difficult match in Brown, a team they lost to back in December.

Forgot how to graduate? Maybe you never even knew how. Have no fear, we listed out all of the requirements for each undergraduate school. (Hopefully none of these will surprise you.)

Man vs. Machine: Can anyone predict the outcome of this weekend’s men’s b-ball game? Perhaps Spec can with its new ELO forecasting system. How does the computer’s pick compare to our Sports section’s predictions?

You’re gonna do what!? Start the new semester off right and commit to some of these resolutions. Maybe your sheets won’t actually stink this year…

The new era: And thus the Trump administration begins. How will this affect undocumented immigrants? We’re not yet sure, but this op-ed argues that students need to advocate for immigrant rights.

Bouncing (or volleying) back: We had a tough season opener for women’s tennis, partly because the team hasn't found a replacement for Ivy League Player of the Year Kanika Vaidya. Will we bounce (or ~volley~) back against Syracuse?

Running toward the competition: Dartmouth and Yale are coming to town. At its home opener, the indoor track-and-field team is facing high expectations, as it performed well in its first two meets. Will the trend continue?

Pro tip of the day

Counseling resources: In the wake of Yi-Chia "Mia" Chen's passing, don't hesitate to reach out to one of Columbia or Barnard's counseling centers. They have everything from one-on-ones to drop-in sessions to support groups.

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