Wake Up Call: How can campus and the city help those affected by the immigration ban? (1/31)


Did you know about CU’s past with slavery?
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Your 1/31 Wake Up Call

There was a pretty big protest on Low Steps yesterday. Over 500 students were there—were you one of them?

Today's top stories

Support post-ban: After Trump’s immigration ban, get the support you need here on campus, in MoHi, and in greater NYC. There are plenty of resources that might alleviate your concerns, even if just by a little bit.

CU’s past with slavery: Turns out that though Columbia never owned slaves, it benefitted from and helped subsidize businesses that profited from slavery back in the 1700s and 1800s. Also, some presidents of yore owned slaves.

Obama, a social recluse? Doesn’t seem to fit together, but he definitely didn’t leave much of a mark on campus. In lieu of any concrete info, we’ll have to just imagine what it was like, which prompts us to ask what we will leave behind from our own college years.

Rallying against the ban: A crowd of over 500 students protested on Low Steps in response to Trump’s recent executive order banning immigration from several predominantly Muslim nations. The group then headed over to Columbus Circle to march with students from five other New York colleges.

You’re not an impostor: Going to any college has its challenges, but thinking that you’re not good enough or don’t deserve to be here is one of the biggest. We need to do away with our Impostor Syndrome and take pride in our accomplishments, this columnist argues.

Diving for victory: Take that, Navy! Men’s swimming and diving team won its final home meet, 167-131. Check out a slideshow and gifs(!!) from the victory.

A run around the park: Props to you if you ever go running. Double props to you if you can jog and talk about stress culture, safety, and the beauty of running at the same time.​

And the winner is... Quarto Magazine held a reading to celebrate the winner and runner-ups of its annual chapbook contest. Senior Cathy Guo’s poem collection “Exile//Exegesis” won, and it was read last Friday night alongside the runner-up pieces of prose.

Throwing a wrench in the pipeline: Still want to take action on the Dakota Access Pipeline? John Yatsko, GS ’18, discusses how CU students can stay active with Standing Rock and the DAPL in their everyday lives.

Marching, one behind the other: One takeaway from the Women’s March on Washington? We can’t just be a powerful political demonstration—we have to be a measure of social support.

Pro tip of the day

Greekin’ Out: Recruitment week is ~officially~ over, but there still might be some things that you’re curious about. Number one on the list: Which frats and sororities have brownstones, and where are they located?

Events and opportunities

Discussion: ‪Innovation in unique cultural spaces, conversation with @wshed
5:30 - 7 p.m. in Journalism

Discussion: Rumi's Secret Book Release
7 - 9 p.m. at St. John the Divine

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It’s a truth universally acknowledged: Meatless Mondays bring all the boys to the ’Nard.

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