Wake Up Call: There’s a new level of urgency to preventing suicide at Columbia (2/2)


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Your 2/2 Wake Up Call

Thursday's the new Friday. If that's the case, it's pretty much the weekend. (Gotta take the little victories.)

Slipping through the cracks: Nearly half of the students who have died by suicide in the last decade took their own life during this academic year, according to a Spectator review of public records, media reports, and interviews with families who died. 

No shortage of support: This cannot be said enough: You’re never alone here at CU. Whether you just need someone to talk to one afternoon or continuous counseling, check out the resources available to you both on and off campus.

Credit cancellation? Stress culture on campus is widely acknowledged among students, and administrators are taking notice. Columbia’s Committee on Instruction has begun to discuss whether the credit cap per semester should be lowered.

He’s just not that into me: Ever ran into a person at a party, in a large lecture hall, etc., and were immediately taken with them? Yeah, it’s happened to us all, but disappointment always seems to follow. Maybe we need to rely less on validation from people we barely know and focus more on self-love, this op-ed argues.

Breakin’ a sweat: Spectrumites aren’t that sporty, but even we’re trying to get in shape this New Year. First up on our quest for healthy living: trying out and reviewing Barnard’s Fitbear pass.

Yale and Brown are going down: Men’s basketball is doing pretty well this season, but will the team come out victorious against the Bulldogs and Bears this weekend? The competition is fierce, so support at these two home games is crucial for the Lions.

Vandalizing dorms: This past week, administrators have been investigating a series of vandalism incidents in various residential halls: Many door tags belonging to students with East Asian names have been taken down or stolen.

In need of advice: Students’ relationships with advisers haven’t really improved since Lisa Hollibaugh, dean of Academic Planning and Administration, took the helm. Why? An unformalized advising structure, lack of connection with students, or all of the above?

Financial aid + fireside chats: In his first fireside chat of 2017, PrezBo talked Trump’s immigration ban, mental health on campus, and financial aid.

Tall expectations: After a ridiculous 38-point and 19-rebound performance in a four-overtime game against Dartmouth, junior forward Camille Zimmerman is expected to carry most of the weight for the Light Blue on the road this weekend against Yale and Brown.

Serving up win: Men’s tennis has not lost a single home match since 2013, so stakes are very high for the home opener against Buffalo this Saturday. After the team’s loss to Oklahoma State last weekend kept them out of the ITA National Indoor Tournament, everyone is hungry for a win this week.

Man vs. machine: Things are getting scarily accurate with Elo. Last week, the computer did very well (almost too well), whereas Spec’s sports editor Austin Horn had a more difficult weekend. Can the computer keep up its record of predicting nearly every men’s basketball game perfectly?

(Not a) college (and chance) dropout: We’re lucky to be here at Columbia, and even luckier because we’re given so many chances to succeed. In this column, Johnathan Fuentes reflects on his past as a college dropout and the gratitude he feels for being given a second chance as a GS student.

No Core consensus: Students have plenty of grievances about the Core, but here’s a dissenting opinion: It’s all work by dudes with narrow perspectives, and yet it allows us to enter an elite society we’d otherwise be blind to. Could it even be essential for our success?

A runway through campus: The Chinese Students Club’s Lunar Gala fashion show is just 9 days away! What can we expect to see in this year’s installment? In short: bigger, grander plans. See more in this behind-the-scenes video preview.

Staff Edit

On stepping up as a community: How can Columbia help students at risk of suicide? In the editorial board’s first staff edit of 2017, we recommend suicide prevention programs, lowering the credit cap, and urge students to watch out for one another.

Pro tip of the day

Don’t-miss dates: We have plenty of premed, prelaw, and other pre-professional students here at CU. If you’re a junior (or a really behind senior or an overachieving sophomore), do you know when your respective test dates are?

Events and opportunities

Discussion: In the Wake: A Salon in Honor of Christina Sharpe
6 - 7:30 p.m. in Event Oval, Diana Center

Seminar: Beyond Globalization: Prospects and Challenges for Sustainable Growth
6:15 - 8:30 p.m. in Jerome Green Hall

Club: Divest Barnard Spring Teach-In
7 - 8:30 p.m. in LL104 Diana Center

Music: Composer Portraits | Beat Furrer
8 - 10 p.m. in Miller Theatre

Mixer: LAACU Alumni/Student Mixer
6 - 8:30 p.m. at The Columbia Alumni Center

Discussion: Columbia University Energy Symposium 2017
Feb. 2 at 3 p.m. and Feb. 3 at 6 p.m. in the Faculty House

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