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Fencing competes in Historical Meet

Columbia fencing was in full force Wednesday evening, coming out on top in all but one match against local rivals NYU, Sacred Heart, and Vassar.

Riding the success of last weekend’s Ivy title, the Lions opened the Historical Meet against NYU. Épée proved to be the make-or-break squad against the Violets, as the remaining two Light Blue weapons were edged by the competition. As Columbia went 15-12 on the men’s end, the women fared well against NYU, dropping just seven points in a 13-margin win.

Sacred Heart proved little to no challenge for the Lions as both the men and women steamrolled the Pioneers. The women’s foil team continued its excellent season with a perfect 9-0 score, contributing to a 23-4 win. Meanwhile, the men’s team hardly held back either, going 22-5.

Rounding out the meet was the upriver rival Vassar, which offered little answer to a solid Columbia women’s team. 8-1 performances in saber and foil highlighted a stellar 22-5 victory for the squad.  

Despite its preceding performances, the men’s squad could only hold its own in foil, where first-year Albert Zhang went 3-0. A tough stretch in saber and épée handed Vassar a 14-13 decision, keeping the Columbia men’s team’s from achieving a perfect showing.

The Historical Meet marked the final home competition for the team’s 11 seniors. The Lions will next see action later this month in Princeton, where they will take part in the Squad Championships. | @CUSpecSports


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