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Maodo Lo, CC '16, to sign with Brose Baskets

Maodo Lo, CC ’16, will sign a deal to play with Brose Baskets of Bamberg, Germany, Spanish journalist Chema de Lucas of Gigantes del Basket reported on Friday. 

Lo, a native of Berlin, had just finished up a stint in the NBA Summer League with the Philadelphia 76ers, averaging 6.8 points per contest, that led some to believe that he might be offered a non-guaranteed contract in Philadelphia or with another NBA team. In signing with Brose Baskets, Lo will forego an opportunity to make an NBA training camp this year to play in Germany.

Though details of the former Light Blue point guard’s contract with Bamberg have yet to surface, the club should be able to guarantee him substantially more money than an NBA team would have. Sam Meyerkopf—a scout for professional teams in Germany, Belgium, Italy, and Australia—told Spectator in April that Lo could perhaps receive four times as much money in his native Germany. 

“He might be able to get a little bit of guaranteed—$50,000 or something—but he’s not going to get real guaranteed money," he said. "And so a German team is going to give him a big offer—I don’t know what it’s going to be—say, $200,000.”

Bamberg has been a powerhouse in the Beko Basketball Bundesliga, Germany’s highest level of professional basketball, claiming six of the last seven league titles. The club has seen its share of NBA talent on the roster, as NBA veteran Darius Miller started last year and the Charlotte Hornets’ Brian Roberts spent three years there before signing an NBA deal. 

It’s possible that Lo could take a similar path and try to catch the eye of a NBA team in the near future; for now, though, all signs point to Lo kicking off his basketball career in Germany. | @CUSpecSports


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