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Women's rowing opens fall season at Head of the Charles

Women's rowing will compete for the first time this season at the Head of the Charles regatta in Boston on Sunday. 

The Lions will put an eight onto the Charles River, an early test for the team's top crew. Of the 12 first-years on the roster, only Liza Ray made the crew. 

The event will also be the first competition for new assistant coach Sam Warren, CC ’13, a former captain of the team. Her intensity and familiarity with the program have already made waves with the the Light Blue.

“The team is excited and intimidated and everywhere in between,” head coach Scott Ramsey said. “Sam brings a lot of gravitas to the position—she accomplished a lot as a captain and an athlete here.”

So far, Warren has focused primarily on recruiting next year's class. But Ramsey noted that once the early decision deadline rolls around on Nov. 1, she'll be more involved with the current team in a coaching capacity. 

Both the first-years and the upperclassmen have responded well to the coaching they’ve received thus far.

“We've got a good group of seniors with experience in the varsity returning, a good group of juniors with experience in the varsity returning,” Ramsey said. “I think everybody is stepping up and filling the roles that they need to fill from top to bottom.” 

The Head of the Charles, the first of three fall races, will give the Light Blue an opportunity to test different lineups before the championship spring season. Regardless, the team is approaching this weekend's race looking to win.

“The races don't have the same weight as they do in the spring, but it's something that we gear up for, and we make every effort to put our fastest lineup out there,” Ramsey said. "We don't go into any contest feeling, ‘This is less important.’”

The Lions will take to the Charles River on Sunday, Oct. 23. | @CUSpecSports


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