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Reflecting on Yale

This is the seventh entry of the football diaries with senior wide-receiver Scooter Hollis, who shares weekly insights about the team both on and off the field. The series is part of From the Lion’s Mouth, Spectator’s initiative to allow athletes and alumni to share their athletic experiences. 

The Light Blue lost to Yale 31-23 this past weekend after falling behind 24-0 in the first half.

“The coaches made a good point after the game that we didn’t mentally prepare the way we have in the previous weeks throughout the practice week. That showed on Friday night when it took us too long to get going in order for us to win.”

“We let the change in schedule, the shorter week, and playing on Friday night get to us. I don’t think we adjusted too well. Friday is usually our pregame but Thursday was our pregame last week, and we weren’t as focused as we would be on a Friday. I sensed it a little bit during the week, but I didn’t realize how much of an impact it would have on the game until afterwards.”

“[A bad start] doesn’t happen a lot, but when it does happen it makes a significant impact on the game. It’s something that we’ve struggled with in the past but we moved on from it. It’s just disappointing for it to happen at this point in the season.”

The Light Blue nearly pulled off the comeback, as they scored 23 points in the fourth quarter, which Hollis was able to contribute to with his best game of the season, reeling in six catches for 97 yards. 

“[A good individual game] is not something you think about unless you win. When you lose, you go back and look at the game and think maybe I could have made one more play, especially in a one-score game. You start to look at those plays that could have had a better outcome. But unless we win, I don’t think about my individual performance.”

“It’s a disappointment [to be no longer in contention for the Ivy League Championship]. It’s a big frustration especially for the seniors. We won’t have that opportunity again. At the same time, it’s now less about us and more about the rest of the team and the program. We have to keep the rest of the program in mind now and win out, which, given our history, won’t be a terrible season.”

Despite the circumstances, the Light Blue will look to finish the end of season on a high note, starting with Harvard on Saturday.

“I want to beat Harvard. Since I’ve been here they’ve been one of the dominant programs. I think it’d be a huge milestone for myself, the seniors, and the program if we were able to beat Harvard and knock off the top dog.”

Edited by Sagar Lal | @CUSpecSports


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